Right before the lunch break at work, the average person tends to feel tired and unable to concentrate. Trying to concentrate on important matters gets a bit rough when you’re working in a lethargic state. Fortunately, we have some ways to give yourself a boost during a long day at the office.

Join The Conversation

You might not want to speak to your co-workers, but there are several benefits to having small talk. Aside from keeping you awake, it can help increase your overall productivity in the office. Having a friend at work also makes it easier for you to stay at your job. It might even make it more enjoyable.

Correcting Your Posture

Many times, people tend to slouch at their desk. This kind of sitting isn’t just bad for your focus, either. “Sitting hunched over compresses your internal organs, including your lungs,” personal trainer Amanda Sterczyk told GOBankingRates. This halts your body from getting the proper air it needs to function. Sitting up straight will get you more involved with your work.

Let’s Get Physical

You might be fooled into thinking that hitting the gym before work might drain you. Fortunately, it does the complete opposite. “We have shown that regular exercise can actually go a long way in increasing feelings of energy — particularly in sedentary individuals,” researcher Tim Puetz said in a press release.

An Important Meal

Breakfast is the most on part of the day for a reason. Without it, your entire time at work will feel unpleasant. “It doesn’t have to be right when you wake up, but eating within a couple of hours sets the tone for the day,” Alissa Rumsey told Reader’s Digest.

Vitamins For Endurance

Even with eating a great breakfast, you can still feel a bit sluggish. There’s a great chance you could possibly lack certain nutrients for the day. As we get older, this becomes more commonplace with our bodies. Taking some vitamins will replenish your system with the right amount of nutrients.