healthier season

If you seem to anticipate the arrival of autumn year-round, you are definitely not alone. Fall is literally filled with warmth and comfort— especially in the kitchen. It’s really easy to get carried away with sweets, treats, and Thanksgiving feasts this time of year, but there are simple ways you can stay on top of your health this season.

And you can still have your turkey and eat it too.

Don’t Pass On A Portion Of Beans

With the wide assortment of side dishes being passed around the Thanksgiving table, it can be easy to make some less-than beneficial choices. Adding some beans to a dish can add enough fiber and protein to keep you full and away from that second helping of pumpkin pie.

Add some beans to a hearty chili for the entire family to enjoy!

Schedule Some Fall Fun Outdoors

Although pumpkin patches and corn mazes may seem like child’s play, it may be time to schedule some time for these festive activities. Getting outdoors and participating in some traditional fall activities will keep you active and really get you in the spirit of the season. And who doesn’t love some pumpkin carving?

Get Up Off The Couch

Watching football this time of year has literally become a right of passage, but you don’t have to succumb to being a couch potato. Try doing a few pushups every time your team scores or dedicating a short exercise to every touchdown. Getting up and moving will really get you into the game!

Mash Some Veggies — Besides Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a holiday staple, but there’s nothing wrong with switching up this fan-favorite. Try mashing some other nutrient-rich vegetables like carrots or cauliflower. You’re doing both your body—and your taste buds a favor—by trying out a healthy alternative this season. You may discover a new tableside tradition.

Give Thanks All Season Long

We all are used to giving thanks on Thanksgiving Day, but it’s important to remain grateful all season long. Try writing down one thing you are grateful for each day of November. This practice allows you to truly enjoy all that your life consists of, long after the Thanksgiving dinner dishes are put away.