Nearly everyone on the planet has a social media account. Even your 80 year old grandma is busy posting pictures online. When it comes to one popular social media platform, too much of it can reflect on how you view yourself.

Be Connected. Be Discovered.

Since 2004, Facebook has become the biggest social media platform ever with over two billion users. While there have been some issues about certain aspects, there’s no denying its sheer influence on everything.

Some researchers have uncovered that narcissism is present in those who frequent Facebook. On average, a person spends about a half hour on Facebook daily. Many people, however, are known to spend over an hour on the social media platform daily.

Send Me A Like

One of the things that makes Facebook a narcissist’s dream involves sharing content. People enjoy taking photos of the places they’re seeing or what they’re doing. Gaining recognition from folks in the form of likes and comments make them feel accomplished.

“Having 100 people like the fact that you got a new job or made a delicious meal feels like having 100 people right there with us, rooting us on,” stated Huffington Post writer Natasha Koifman.

Simply Who You Are?

Of course, Facebook might not actually turn you into a narcissist. There’s a good chance you’ve been one all along, and the platform simply lets you run free. A study at University of Georgia found that many people with narcissism are infatuated with social media platforms like Facebook. “Theoretically, we suspect that individuals with pre-existing narcissism are drawn to social media, but the present evidence only establishes that the two are related,” stated researcher Jessica McCain.

In the end, what you do on Facebook is up to you. Share as many photos and videos as you please. Just be sure to truly understand how what you post can affect your overall personality.