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We often take advantage of our eyes, thinking they will always be healthy. But eyes can get “sick” just like everything else. It’s important to look for any changes in your eye health, considering how much most seeing people rely on their vision. If you notice these five symptoms, consult your optometrist immediately to seek treatment. After all, the eyes are the windows to the soul.

Significant Eyebrow Loss

There might necessarily be anything wrong if you notice significant eyebrow loss. It could be from stress, natural aging, nutrient deficiency, or spot balding. But it could also be hypothyroidism, an acute shortage of thyroid hormones that, in extreme cases, can lead to hair loss. If your eyebrows are thinning, it’s best to consult a doctor to check your thyroid gland.

Severely Blurred Vision

If you work in an office job, then you spend multiple hours a day staring at a computer screen. Have you ever noticed your eyes burning or blurred vision? This happens so often that optometrists now refer to this eye condition as “digital eye strain.” But it’s not something to be ignored. If you notice severely blurred vision after staring at a computer or your cell phone, consult your optometrist.

Permanent Sty On Your Eyelid

A sty is a lump on your eyelid that appears due to a blocked sebaceous gland. It’s painful and causes a lot of irritation, and it could persist for more than a few days if it’s not treated. A sty usually goes away on its own, but if it doesn’t, it could be a symptom of sebaceous gland carcinoma, a rare type of cancer. Seek a doctor’s advice immediately.

Yellow Eye Or Jaundice

It’s hard to ignore this symptom since we look in the mirror multiple times a day. Jaundice—a yellow eye—is caused by low liver function. It could also be connected to the state of your gallbladder or bile ducts. If you notice your eyes have turned yellow, rush to the doctor to get this problem treated.

Cloudy Vision Or Vision Loss

You can’t ignore any changes to your vision. You never know what the reason could be, and everything your eyes see is actually interpreted in your brain. If you notice any sudden severe vision loss or cloudy vision, seek medical help immediately. These symptoms could be the early signs of a stroke.

Don’t ignore what your eyes are telling you. After all, it’s your vision. It’s important.