Harmful Habits

Natural Health 365

Many daily habits seem innocent when in reality they are unhealthy and can be harmful to our health. It’s better to be aware of them in order to keep them to a minimum or stop those habits entirely. Here are five harmful habits you probably didn’t know about.

Missing Breakfast

If you start your day without eating breakfast, you are unintentionally putting your body into starvation mode. In starvation mode, when you do finally eat, your calories will be turned into fat rather than burned. Missing breakfast can also cause you to eat more later, in turn causing weight gain.

Dressing In Tight Jeans

Wearing tight jeans can lead to problems with your nervous system, as tight jeans cause constant pressure on your nerve endings. Wearing tight jeans also restricts the bounce in your step, your body’s natural way to absorb shock when you walk. This will cause additional pressure on your joints.

Keeping Your Food In Plastic Containers

Plastic containers contain BPA, a chemical that interferes with your ability to feel full. As a result, people using plastic containers may eat more, leading to weight gain. While pre-planning and packaging meals ahead of time seems like a good decision, make sure your containers don’t have BPA.

Checking Your Phone Too Often

Checking your phone all the time is not as harmless as it may seem. Spending too much time on your phone can cause increased stress, not to mention problems sleeping, poor attention span, and bad posture. Studies have even linked excessive time scrolling through social media to symptoms of depression.

Using Too Much Antibacterial Soap

Some bacteria that live on the skin’s surface are essential in protecting the body. Washing your hands too often with antibacterial soap will kill the good bacteria, allowing the bad stuff to enter and make you sick. Using antibacterial soap twice a week for normal hand-washing is plenty.