Forearms strength is not just for good looks. Strong forearms make it so your workouts have more impact on your upper body in general. They allow you to hit more muscles, use more force, and squeeze your weights with extra power. These are five of the best exercises to get your forearms looking and feeling fierce.

Plate Curls Will Do You Right

This is just like a regular curl, but for this, you grab and hold the weight plate by the end of it. If you are able to do more than eight reps, switch to a heavier plate for a maximized forearm workout. The trick here is that you have to pinch your fingers together tightly, meaning your forearms are engaged the entire time.

Use A Towel For Your Pullups

Regular pullups are great for forearms, but you can get even more out of your pullups by using a towel. Wrap two towels around the pullup bar, grab each towel with one hand, and now do your pullups. You can also just use one towel grabbing each end of the towel. That tight grip on the towels makes all the difference for your forearms. This is a very hard workout, so if you’re only able to do a couple your first try, that’s normal.

The Farmer’s Carry Works

WIth a heavy kettlebell or dumbbell in each hand, stand up straight and just walk. Your abs should be braced, your chest out, and shoulders back the entire time. It may seem easy, but once you’ve walked for about 20 yards or for at least 10 minutes straight, you might feel differently.

Bottoms-Up Kettlebell Press One Arm At A Time

With one hand only, hold your kettlebell upside down. You should be holding the handle with the weight above your hand and squeezing tightly, abs braced as you lift it over your head. This is great for your forearms because, in order to stabilize and balance the kettlebell, you have to keep your muscles really tight.

Do The Plate Toss

Your forearms get an extreme workout with the plate toss exercise. With one hand, hold a plate out in front of you around waist-high. Now drop the plate and quickly catch it with the same hand. Do at least 10 reps before switching to the other hand. Having to catch something so heavy as it is falling in the air will leave your forearms massive if you practice this regularly.