Cheerleaders were originally hired to excite sports teams, but they now have fans applauding them at national and international events. If you’ve seen Cheer on Netflix, you’re probably aware that today’s cheerleaders are adored, complimented, and, let’s face it, coveted. They aren’t always flawless, though. The photographs below depict cheerleaders who weren’t quite camera-ready but were certainly ready to become memes. Prepare for some real jubilation!

Got Spirt?

It’s challenging enough to be an ordinary high school student. Being a cheerleader and a high school student? Wow. We understand that balancing courses, homework, and cheer practice is challenging, but this is an all-too-common scenario. “You only worked one job. There is just one position. You still didn’t succeed.” But seriously, “Do you have ‘sprit’?” The term “spirit” isn’t particularly difficult to pronounce. Although we lack “sprit,” we do have spell-check.

Got spirt?

Worst of all, this picture does little to dispel the damaging perception that cheerleaders are all beauty and no intellect. Anyway, it’s only a misspelled word, and “Pobody’s nerfect,” as they say.

Tumbling Down

Remember in The Simpsons Movie when Bart gets humiliated in public and declares, “This is the worst day of my life,” and Homer attempts to soothe him but ends up making matters worse by saying, “The worst day of your life so far”? That quote has been with us for a long time.

The cheer pyramid tumbles down

It might sometimes feel as though things are growing worse and worse until you can no longer do anything about it. This is how life appears when it stops falling apart gradually and starts falling apart quickly. We know it’s coming; all we have to do now is wait.

Slam Dunk

There are few things more stressful than losing an argument and then trying to come up with anything to say that would have turned the situation around afterward. Similarly, knowing just what to say when you need to say it is one of life’s greatest pleasures. This precisely timed image is a wonderful description of how it feels to nail it during a debate.

Coming in for a slam dunk

This was bound to happen at some point. You saw where the dispute was going to go and how it was going to start. The other person said something to silence you, but you were ready for it. Now is your chance to shine.

True Friendship

We frequently hear individuals discuss their wingmen, but we believe they should also discuss their wing women. Can we take a moment to recognize all of the amazing wing women out there? We want to show them how much we love and appreciate them. Take, for example, this lady, who appears to be vying for the title of Wingwoman of the Year. That is how genuine friendship appears.

Being a good friend

Apart from the humor, we have to add, isn’t it incredible how powerful cheerleaders are? That command! That harmony! Not to mention the fact that the cheerleader at the bottom is smiling while doing it. It’s very outstanding!

Cheerleading Down Under

So, this is what it’s like to be an Australian cheerleader? We’re sure their pyramids are ridiculous! But seriously, what a fantastic action photo. Congratulations to the photographer who caught this cheerleader completely upside down. Also, props to the cheerleader because this trick doesn’t appear to be simple.

Flipped upside down

We’re sure she put in a lot of practice time before mastering every component of the performance. Furthermore, we can’t even perform a respectable somersault, and our only regular exercise is strolling from our desk to the vending machine when we’re out of coffee or Doritos.

Look Upon Me and Despair

Most of us are familiar with the “What has been seen cannot be unseen” meme, which depicts a wide-eyed black cat with its ears curled back. However, there are many different variations that include various amusing animals. We adore those cats and think they’re fantastic, but wouldn’t this image be excellent for that meme as well?

What could she have seen?

The strange thing is that their facial expressions are so dissimilar, but at the end of the day, they both appear to be traumatized for life. We can’t be certain what the girl on the left saw, but it sure wasn’t pretty. It’s not easy being a cheerleader, y’all.

There’s a Lot to Unpack

We didn’t know where to begin with this image because it has so many excellent features. We were going to go for the bottom-most male cheerleader, but it seemed a bit too blatant. We then went on to the cheerleader on the right, who seemed to be in disbelief that she was a genuine cheerleader.

A surprised cheer lift

However, we had to mention the cheerleader at the top since we like her expression. She’s making the ideal face for a “That moment when you realize” meme since it appears that something really significant with major ramifications has just flashed on her, and she – and probably others around her – will have to cope with the effects.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Women understand how inconvenient it is that our garments frequently lack true pockets. Our pants often don’t have any pockets at all. Designers sometimes draw pockets but don’t construct them (why are there phony pockets in the first place?). They do create these now and then, but they’re so little that you can’t even fit your keys in them.

A strange choice for phone storage

Is this all part of a plan to push us to buy handbags? Yes, we believe so. But cheerleaders obviously can’t carry purses around with them during routines, so this lady found an ingenious place to keep her phone and maybe wallet too.

A Match Made in Heaven

Do you ever find yourself looking at photographs on the internet and wondering about the narrative behind them? That’s a terrific creative activity, and if you have enough free time, you may come up with small screenplays in your brain, the greatest works of fiction no one will ever read or see.

A meet-cute

When we saw this shot, it brought forth our inner Nicholas Sparks. The quarterback and the cheerleader appear to be the beginning of a wonderful love story, and we can’t wait to sell the rights to this book so it may be made into a film.

An Accident Waiting to Happen

Some rules are supposed to be obeyed, while others are designed to be ignored, and deciding what to do when is what defines you as a person. Have you heard of the “do not wear white after Labor Day” rule? Perhaps you thought this was an out-of-date piece of wisdom, but we now hold it in high regard.

The worst kind of stain

This cheerleader didn’t choose to wear white shorts; they’re half of her uniform, but she disobeyed a fashion guideline, and now she’s suffering the consequence. After Labor Day, one does not just put on white. That, we’re sure, is the explanation for this horrible shot!


If you know anything about cheering, you’re undoubtedly aware that it’s a potentially deadly sport. Cheerleaders, in fact, have been reported to have more concussions than players in contact sports like hockey and lacrosse, which are notoriously difficult. This cheerleader was injured while doing a stunt, but she’s not giving up.

This looks painful

What a hero! We hope she sought medical help as soon as the routine was completed. This cheerleader, on the other hand, appears to have “haunting an abandoned home” arranged soon after this pep rally.


Money may not be able to purchase pleasure, but it may certainly make sorrow bearable. There are some things that ordinary people do that wealthy folk are never concerned about. Waiting for things to go on sale, for example. You’re undoubtedly familiar with the sensation.

This girl is rocking out

You fall in love with something you can’t afford, so you keep an eye on it, monitor it, wait patiently, and hope it doesn’t sell out. Then your perseverance is rewarded, and your big moment arrives. The item goes on sale. Put an end to everything! I have to get this whatever-it-is!

Well, Hello There

It’s not simple to date. Even today, with so many applications allowing us to interact with new people in our region, finding someone you want to be a partner may be difficult. It takes some time to get there as well.

Losing your mind with excitement

Both of you are probably hesitant and want to create a good first impression, so you don’t really let your hair down in the beginning, while you’re in the stage of attraction. This well-timed cheerleading photo reminds us of that period in a relationship when you’ve been dating for a while and are ready to show your real colors.

Applying for a Job You Aren’t Qualified for

Although it isn’t legally unlawful to lie on a resume because they aren’t legal papers, doing so is still a terrible idea. However, many individuals do it anyhow; it’s believed that 40% of people lie on their CVs. They’ll make up an address, inflate their titles, and exaggerate figures, but lying about your technical skills is the worst thing you can do.

Falling painfully

“Yes, I know how to use Excel. It’s something I’m really good with.” The issue arises, of course, when they are recruited and must perform the task in front of everyone. This picture leads us to believe that this person may not have had any previous cheering experience.

Getting Away With Something

Is there nothing like sibling love? You’ll protect your sibling’s dignity to the end if anybody says anything nasty about them, not only because you love them, but also because no one else is permitted to meddle with them. Does this ring a bell? We know a lot of siblings who grew up in this manner.

Winning the cheer competition

This shot is just amusing. We adore the two cheerleaders’ facial expressions, not just because they appear like they’re having a good time, but also because they’re perfect meme fodder. They look like they’re watching someone else be blamed for something they did.

Complete Regret

Cheerleaders are often thought of as flawlessly posed and photo-ready, but when you consider how often they move about and perform so many difficult maneuvers throughout their routines, it’s only natural that their images wind up appearing silly, like the ones we’ve compiled for this collection.

An uncomfortable lift

Take, for example, this picture. This is similar to the feeling you get when you make a poor decision and immediately regret it. The most amusing aspect of this is that we could be discussing either of these cheerleaders. They both appear to be regretting a recent decision and pondering whether or not they can reverse it.

Sneezing is Contagious

There’s a lot going on in this photograph, and we’d want to start by emphasizing how much we like cheerleaders. We can’t believe how powerful they are – both men and women – and how amazing the things they can perform with their bodies are. We enjoy their amusing images as well.

The middle of a sneeze

This guy is making the look that people make when they can feel a sneeze coming on but have to focus extremely hard to make it happen. You’ve got this, guy. Achoo!

When You’re Leaving Work

We’ve all heard the saying, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life,” and although it sounds encouraging, it’s not a reality for the majority of us. After all, we have bills to pay, and we don’t see any job vacancies where we can just sit around and love cats all day.

Doing the splitz while leaving

As a result, individuals are forced to work in whatever job pays the bills, even if they despise the workplace and their coworkers, and practically live for the weekend. This is how those folks appear when they leave the workplace at 5 p.m. on a Friday, especially if they realize their supervisor is going to approach them and inquire about the paper they were supposed to write.

Staying Positive

Because of the cheerleader at the heart of the pyramid, faking a grin when it appears like the rest of the pyramid is ready to come tumbling down, this brilliantly placed photo made us laugh out loud. That’s how we feel when our lives are going apart (which happens a lot), but we’re still trying to be optimistic.

The cheer needs a smile

We never imagined we’d be able to relate so strongly to a cheerleader, yet here we are. All we can do at times is try to be optimistic and hope for the best. Even when everything is going wrong, we are still beaming.


Cheerleaders are gorgeous, athletic, energetic, and high-spirited, and they appear to have it all, yet even the most successful cheerleaders have bad days. This woman, for example, was undoubtedly overjoyed to be realizing her goal of becoming a New Orleans Pelicans cheerleader until she was hit in the head with a basketball that was flying so quickly that it knocked her off her feet.

A ball to the face

Oh, it has to hurt! Is that really… Will Ferrell? This was most likely shot for a movie in this case, but nevertheless. Even if it’s by one of our favorite comedians, getting struck in the head with a basketball can’t be enjoyable.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

This appears to be quite hazardous, and we hope the cheerleader on the right received medical help after this photograph was taken. Cheerleading is a lovely sport, but it can also be rather frightening at times. However, this image is amusing since it appears like our two personas are coexisting peacefully. One is well-adjusted, balanced, and driven, and gets things done.

The worst kind of fall

What about the other one? No, the other isn’t really well-adjusted. This is also how we look on Mondays vs how we look on Fridays after a week of work.

Too Much Managing, Not Enough Helping

Thank you to all the excellent managers out there, because there aren’t many of you – at least, that’s what we gather from the number of memes mocking bosses. This wonderfully timed shot of a group of cheerleaders working on a stunt might easily be converted into one of them because it looks quite similar to a group of bosses advising an employee how to perform their job when they have no idea how to do it.

The middle of a fall

We understand that in the context of this action, everyone is most likely working together to pull it off, but it isn’t how things generally function in the office. It frequently feels as though the workers are doing everything and the management are merely barking instructions because they can.

Up Close and Personal

Some people are perpetually torn between their present selves and their future selves. Their current self wants to binge-watch Bridgerton on Netflix, so why not? That essential business presentation can wait till tomorrow morning. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, tomorrow arrives! Against all chances, absolutely unanticipated!

Camera in your face!

Whoa, whoa. We’re completely taken aback. That sneaky tomorrow always finds a way to catch you off guard. Today is tomorrow, but we began watching Modern Family anew today, and that program has 11 seasons, so…

When You Don’t Rehearse

Why is it so humiliating to ask somebody to repeat themselves when you don’t comprehend what they’ve just said? When you think about it logically, it doesn’t make sense, yet it still happens. This precisely timed shot is like when our boss has clarified something three times and we’re ashamed to say we still don’t understand, so we simply wing it and hope for a miracle.


We could ask them again, but we don’t want them to think we’re ignorant, so we’ll make educated guesses and perhaps make matters worse. Yes, we agree, that’s not very clever.

When You Accidentally Step on Something Gross

There is a major danger to walking around outside: other things live there too. Whether you’re wearing shoes or not, you are always liable to step on something icky you wish you could wipe away. It might be a squashed bug, some strange plant, or even a present your neighbor’s dog left yesterday.

Oh hay!

The point is, this cheerleader’s face captures the emotion of looking forward and suddenly feeling something weird beneath your feet. Even in shoes, the feeling isn’t great, but when you’re barefoot? That’s just the worst!

Look Out Below!

Like any intense physical activity, cheerleading has its ups and downs…literally. For every successful lift or toss, there are bound to be plenty of practice runs that just don’t go so well. In this case, it looks like the girl on top has lost her footing and is in the process of falling backward.


Despite the direction of her fall, though, it seems like the only people who are worried about the outcome are in front of her. One girl looks horrified and is reaching up, while the other is ready to run for cover. Luckily, neither of them is in the path of the falling girl.

The Perks of Cheerleading

Cheerleading is typically regarded as a female-dominated sport, and male cheerleaders frequently encounter bias from those who should keep their opinions to themselves. “Don’t be a guy cheerleader.” They remark, “People will assume you’re gay.”

Touching the booty

“As long as you’re wearing that uniform, you’ll never be able to touch a lady,” they claim. Doesn’t this graphic show that those pessimistic folks were entirely wrong? All kidding aside, we understand that cheering is a serious sport in which each member of a squad must be professional and have faith in one another. Let’s go, team!

The Universe is Testing You

People who have gone on and off diets are familiar with the sensation. It’s Monday morning, and you begin your diet with the conviction that this time will be different. It’s palpable. You’ll make it through. You will be successful. You made it through Monday. Tuesday, too. Then, on Wednesday, your roommate comes in with a massive loaf of freshly made bread and asks if you’d want any.

Standing tall

This guy definitely has the look of someone being tested by the universe in a similar way. We’re sure it’s just an expression of effort since he’s carefully balancing the lady up there, but he honestly seems to be praying to some deity to help him make it through.

You’re Doing Something Right

Because it appears that everyone is living their best life and is fulfilled in their jobs and happy in their relationships, social media has made it extremely difficult for people nowadays. However, one of the major secrets of adulthood, which few people are willing to admit, is that no one knows what they’re doing – it’s just that some people happen to be killing it regardless.

A great lift

This amusing image sparked our imagination. We have no idea what’s going on in this photo, and if you ask this guy cheerleader, he’ll probably have no idea too. But he’s still killing it.

A Real Kick in the Face

It’s inevitable that something like this happens to bring you down, right when you’re starting to enjoy things. Life is a series of unpredictable events, both good and bad. No matter what is happening, it can always get better…or worse. In this cheerleader’s case, her day just took a turn for the worst.

Double kick to the face

In practical terms, it’s not hard to see how something like this could happen. She’s doing a backflip while clutching the wrists of her teammate. When you’re standing that close to someone else, especially if you’re balancing on other people, accidents are bound to happen frequently.

Fear Not an Option

Life becomes hectic, and most days we don’t have time to think about what we’re doing. We race from one task to the next, and we frequently feel like we didn’t do enough at the end of the day, even if we hardly had time to pause and take a deep breath. That isn’t good for us, yet we are sometimes terrified of the alternative.

Fear not an option for competitive cheer

This cheerleader seemed to be aware of our situation. When we pause and reflect on how we got to where we are now, we make the same look she does. We begin to second-guess all of our life decisions, and wow, is that not enjoyable.