First date jitters are common and nothing to be concerned about. It’s only when the jitters last that there may be a more serious issue.

Butterflies Are One Thing, But…

We all want to make a good first impression when we begin dating someone, and that causes us to get nervous. However, that nervous or worried feeling should settle after a few dates. If it doesn’t, behavioral experts say this is not a good sign for the relationship.

You should not be constantly second-guessing your actions or wondering if you’re good-looking, funny, or smart enough. It’s a clear red flag if you find this happening too much with someone you are dating. Dates are meant to be pleasant interactions, not performances.

Who’s To Blame?

Usually, when we think of red flags in a relationship, it’s a quality of the other person that is signaling something negative about them that you should probably steer clear of. Yet, the biggest relationship red flag doesn’t have a culprit. Instead, the red flag is your own internal behavior signaling that this person just isn’t the right one for you.

It may have nothing to do with the other person that their presence makes you feel anxious and uncomfortable. It may just be the combination of the two of you together. They could very well be a perfectly awesome person, with no idea that you feel even the slightest amount of stress.

Pay Attention To This Huge Red Flag

Healthy relationships are not built on anxiety. Mild anxiety is common from time to time, but that feeling should be just that, mild and inconstant. When you’re on a date, pay attention to your own feelings. If you are overly self-conscious of your behavior after several weeks, that feeling is not likely to go away.

As time passes, chances are, the stress will continue. You will feel mentally drained from being with this person, and it won’t work out. Heed this red flag early on and cut the relationship short. Find someone who makes you feel comfortable being yourself. In the end, you’ll be much happier for it, giving yourself more space to find someone who is truly right for you.