There is more involved in a job than the skills, according to employers. As many would agree, a good candidate doesn’t just need the skills to complete the daily tasks involved in the job. Instead, the best candidate has more valuable qualifications— things you wouldn’t find on the resume. There are three important traits employers are currently looking for that many applicants often overlook.

Are You A Team Player?

Do you work well with others? Would you be compatible in the office? Nearly every employer will tell you that teamwork is a crucial attribute to the success of the overall business. You need to be as comfortable and productive as possible. Don’t be the “odd man out” in the office. Work with the team to improve the business in the most effective way.

Being a team player is a hard trait to master, but it’s invaluable. As you prepare for your job interview, be ready to answer the common question: “Tell me about how you function on a team.”

Are You Goal-Oriented?

Do you like to set goals? Do you achieve those goals? If so, employers want candidates just like you. Do you use resources to the best of your ability to achieve those goals?

During your interview, talk about how you have previously established goals. How did you reach that goal? What goals have been most important in your life? Be sure to arrive promptly to your interview, be prepared, and look for ways to demonstrate that you are a passionate, goal-oriented individual.

Are You Engaged?

Your first impression is everything in a job interview. It’s what employers see about you that’s not on paper. Be engaged in the interview. Ask questions. Be interested in the job and the responsibilities.

Be passionate about the job and make sure you familiarize yourself with the company before the interview. If you really want the job, demonstrate this in the interview. An employer wants a worker who will be engaging in the job. You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Make the most of it.