When a person has empathy, they are able to truly understand and even share in what others are feeling. Someone with great interpersonal skills is likely to be highly empathic because it allows them to easily relate to others. If you want to be more empathic, a good place to start might be studying the habits of those who already excel in this area. Below are five of those habits that are quite common among empaths.

Listening Is Their Forte

You have to know what someone is going through in order to be able to relate to them. This is why being a good listener is essential for being highly empathic. However, it’s more than just hearing what people are saying. Empaths are deep listeners who care about understanding others’ emotions. They will sit and listen and listen and listen without saying much, without judging. When they do speak up, it’s often to ask open-ended questions, in order to get even more information.

The Gift Of Openness

Empaths tend to be very open people. They let themselves be vulnerable and share their personal experience and ideas with others. Doing this helps to create a bond and further their understanding of what others are going through. In the end, when people feel you can truly relate to what they are feeling, they tend to share more.

Their Imaginations Are On Point

Highly empathic people don’t just stick to what they know, empathizing with those they can relate to. They also tend to explore the other side, imagining what people with ideas and experiences contrary to their own are thinking and feeling. It seems that a true empath must be this way, because the world is big and diverse, and many people do not share our feelings and values.

Curiosity Hasn’t Killed Them Yet

Genuine curiosity about strangers leads to greater empathy. When a person wonders about the lives of others they know nothing about, those questions often lead to answers, which then lead to a more thorough understanding of people at large. Empathic people are usually not shy about talking to strangers because they find what they have to say truly interesting.

They’ll Actually Walk That Mile In Another’s Shoes

Going the extra mile beyond just listening is a habit of a bonafide empath. Instead of just trying to understand an experience by hearing another person’s perspective, highly empathic people might actually go out and do it. They say you can’t really understand something until you have experienced it, so that’s just what empaths do. They go out and have the experience themselves.