Most everyone understands the satisfaction of powering through a good television binge. But have you ever stopped to consider how it might be affecting your mental wellbeing? As it turns out, bingeing can be extremely impactful on our psyche, both in negative and positive ways. Here are five substantial ways that bingeing television can impact our minds!

It Can Make You Exhausted

Why would sitting in front of your television for hours make you tired when you’re not moving? Plopping down on the couch for long periods of time slows down your metabolism and your circulation. After what feels like a T.V. break, you may find yourself extremely worn out and sluggish.

You’ll Develop Some Intense Fictional Relationships

After you’ve spent time invested in the arch of a great character, you may feel super close to them and the events of their “lives.” And when something terrible happens to them, you may have an emotional response not far off from that which you’d have for a real person. You may find this silly, but next time you sit down for a binge, consider how emotionally invested you are in your favorite characters!

It Can Leave You Anxious And Depressed

As it turns out, bingeing and anxiety/depression are extremely closely linked. Holing up in an isolated space to consume copious amounts of television disturbs the social parts of ourselves that provide motivation and purpose. While we may find meaning in the shows we’re watching, they can distract us from our personal goals and make us feel alone.

It Can Combat Stress

Don’t worry, it’s not all badindulging in an entire series can alleviate some of your pent-up stress. Constantly having to attend to real-world issues can get tiring. Immersing yourself in a television show can separate you from the weight of your responsibilities and give you an “out” from the pressures of everyday life.

It Can Make Life More Exciting

Another perk? The ends of shows can give us a psychological boost. Binges that end with cliffhangers put our minds in a state of thrill that carries over into the events our lives. Alternatively, a show that resolves positively can promote a blissful feeling that lingers with us and makes any happy experiences that follow feel more genuine. The rush you get at the completion of a show sticks with you once you’re away from the screen!