We’ve all been there – forgotten to eat, or eaten something like chili with beans, or onions before a big event. The last thing you want while you’re graduating, or getting married, or attending a big business meeting are tummy issues. So how to avoid gas, or belching, or your stomach rumblings from hunger? Try these tips for what not to eat before the big event:

Nothing Is Not A Good Option

Many people skip eating altogether before a big event, which is really a terrible idea. Feelings of emptiness can lead to light-headedness and possibly even fainting. Some people get very “hangry” – hungry + angry – not good if you are trying to make a good impression. Opt for a small snack like a handful of nuts, a glass of full-fat milk, or a scrambled egg, for a quick easily-digestible boost of energy.

Put Down The Donuts

It’s very tempting to grab a donut or croissant before making a quick exit, but the benefits just aren’t there, particularly if the baked goods also have a lot of simple sugars like icing or chocolate chips. The carb overload gives your body something to digest but not for long. To keep energy levels up, you need protein and good fats, which have been shown to boost brain power. So grab a piece of bacon!

Granola Bars Are Not Virtuous

We all have been conditioned to think a granola bar of some kind is a great, healthy snack, but if you read the labels carefully you will learn that isn’t always the case. They are usually high in sugar, and contain little or no fiber, and little protein. Look for a bar that has at least 5 grams of protein and preferably no more than 5 grams of sugar. Short ingredient lists are best.

Avoid The Sugar Rush

Isn’t it fun to grab a big candy bar before running out the door? Not so fast. Although dark chocolate has proven health benefits, a big candy bar isn’t a good idea. The sugar causes your insulin to spike and the carbs give you a quick energy boost, sure. An hour later, you crash. You just want to crawl in bed and sleep. The effects are worse if you ate the candy on an empty stomach.

Hamburger and Fries, Oh My

A big juicy bacon burger always seem like a good idea, with a side of salty fries, right? Nope. Beef can be harder to digest and cause feelings of sluggishness. Fries and bacon (if it’s a bacon burger) can leave you feeling dehydrated. All the carbs in fries can also cause flatulence – never an attractive activity.