Her Haleness

There are many issues that can cause an upset stomach, ranging from motion-sickness to indigestion to food poisoning. These problems plague all of us probably more than we’d like (which is never). The next time it happens, try one of these convenient remedies to soothe your aching belly.

Anything With Real Ginger In It

People have been using ginger to cure upset stomachs for ages. That is because it is a bonafide effective treatment for many types of stomach problems. Drink it by brewing it into a tea, or find an all natural ginger ale or beer with real ginger in it. Relief should come quickly.

Bitters And Soda: The Classic

Before they became a standard in bar culture, bitters were mainly used as medicine to ease an upset stomach. While you’ll be hard pressed to find it behind the pharmacy counter now, it’s still widely used for stomach aches. Use about 10 dashes of bitters in a glass of club soda.

Fernet Does More Than Get You Drunk

Fernet is a great cure for stomach aches caused by eating too much, menstrual cramps, and even hangovers. Though most people don’t usually think of alcohol having medicinal properties, this Italian amaro is a true exception. In fact, fernet is so effective that it was even kept legal during Prohibition.

The All-Healing Peppermint Tea

Due to its content of menthol, a natural pain-reliever, peppermint is a known remedy for an upset stomach and nausea too. Menthol is also anti-spasmodic, so if you’re having stomach pains, peppermint can be another go-to. Brew a peppermint tea and your stomach woes will fade quickly.

Apple Cider Vinegar Has The Power To Ease Your Ails

Apple cider vinegar has a lot of medicinal uses, and soothing an upset stomach is one of them. Don’t drink it straight, not only because of the extreme flavor but because it will be too potent. Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with warm water to ease your ailing stomach.