When it comes to your daily morning routine, certain things shouldn’t mix. We’re not talking about brushing your teeth in the shower, either. We’re talking about one of the weirdest feelings to ever come from a simple sip of juice.

The Taste Of Chaos

Many people tend to drink a glass of orange juice before brushing their teeth. While it makes sense because you don’t want to stain your teeth, there’s other reasons to it. One of the main reasons involves the aftertaste. Anyone that did things in the reversed order will know it’s something that will linger for hours.

Your tastebuds go into overdrive with nothing but a bitter taste in your mouth.

Brushing With Soap?

Another major reason involves sodium lauryl sulfate, which causes the foam in your mouth while brushing. While this detergent is found in toothpaste, it’s seen in other household products. That bar of soap and floor cleaner you have all contain sodium lauryl sulfate.

While many might not know it, sodium lauryl sulfate is completely hazardous to our tastebuds. They take away phospholipids, which is a key factor in cell membranes. You’ll be left with any way to acknowledge sweet flavors, too. This ingredient is also bad for our entire body. It triggers skin irritation and causes organ toxicity. A few cases have also linked it to cancer.

Alternative Ways Of Brushing

Sodium lauryl sulfate has been an ingredient in toothpaste for years. Many companies still keep it in their toothpaste because it makes it cheaper for the consumer. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternative toothpastes that omit this detergent from its ingredients.

Those that drink orange juice after brushing their teeth should probably switch it up. If that’s a problem, try substituting juice for something else. You don’t want to have that bad feeling in your mouth while you’re working.