Bar Anticipation

Drinking alcohol in moderation has been known to provide some health benefits, but the truth is that consuming alcohol is never considered a healthy choice. Still, there are healthier ways to drink than others. From making sure your body is prepared for the alcohol to making smart decisions in your drinking choices, you can avoid as much of the negative side of drinking as possible. Here are some drinking tips for the wise.

Fill Your Stomach With Healthy Food

Never drink on an empty stomach. While you’re at it, choose healthy food before you drink rather than food with little to no nutrition. Overdrinking is almost a sure path to a gnarly hangover, but you can give yourself some wiggle room if your pre-game includes electrolytes and nutrients. Eat things with protein, fat, and carbohydrates, which will stay in your gut for four to six hours. Also, food with vitamin B12 is good to include, as alcohol depletes it from your body.

Pick The Right Drinks

Drinking clear alcohol as opposed to dark alcohol will help you to avoid severe hangovers. This is because dark spirits like whiskey, scotch, and rum contain larger amounts of congeners, or the toxic compounds formed during the fermentation of alcohol. Also, avoid mixing your drinks, dark or light, with something sugary. It is also a healthier choice to mix with water or club soda. Your liver is already bearing the burden of alcohol, so it’s best not to overdo it with too much sugar too. If you’re feeling the need for more flavor, squeeze in a lemon or lime.

Stay Hydrated Before, During, And After

Drink water before you consume alcohol, during your consumption, and after as well. Alcohol dehydrates you.

Fight that dehydration by constantly re-supplying yourself with water. It helps to eliminate some of the tolls the alcohol takes on the body. It’s a good idea to have a glass of water between every drink.