The Seed & Plate

The job market is often the subject of many news headlines. Currently, it’s said to be improving. Still, there are unique challenges. In some fields, highly educated workers struggle with getting hired because they lack desired experience. Luckily, there is a $10 online course that helps applicants jump over these hurdles.

The Goal

Whether you’re already employed or not, you likely have a dream job, and, if you’re like most people, you’re not working there yet. The exact details of the perfect career vary from person to person.

Each person has a unique set of preferences, circumstances, needs, and skills that shape what job is perfect for them. There is no class that can tell you what your dream job should be, but there is a class that can help you get there.

The Roadblock

Most people have a good idea of what their dream job is, but getting that job is much easier said than done. Even if it is a person’s dream to work for themselves, accomplishing that goal is difficult.

What stands in the way? There is the process of making connections within the field, writing a resume that will stand out, and acing an interview. It is necessary to excel in all of these processes to get hired, but these essential skills are often not taught in universities and trade schools that are meant to prepare people for their chosen career.

The Solution

Chris Haroun, a professor and venture capitalist, has put together a twelve-hour, online course that only costs $10. The course focuses on the process of getting hired and making non-traditional connections within a field.

With this course, you can take advantage of Haroun’s years of experience and insight into the job market. Learn more here.