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Keeping all of your vital organs running smoothly and effectively is vital to the upkeep of your health. Although a healthy diet and exercise are a necessary part of the process, there is also one nightly activity that is absolutely necessary.

Sleep Is For The Strong

Whether you need to count sleep or settle in with a good book, catching some much-needed z’s is extremely beneficial to the human body.

During sleep, your body is able to repair cells and make sure the major systems of the body are running effectively. This can even help prevent the development of life-threatening diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

There is one age group in particular that really tends to sacrifice sleep, but at what cost?

Teens Can Be Super Sleep-Deprived

It’s no secret that teenagers are prone to staying up way too late, but it may affect every area of their lives.

We aren’t just talking about school work or extracurriculars here—but risky choices they may make after class.

It has been found that teens that do not get enough sleep are more likely to be involved in risky behaviors, such as drinking, smoking, or driving impaired.

One Study Showed Shocking Results

A study published in the JAMA Pediatrics journal revealed that sleep can be directly correlated to risky or suicidal behavior among teens. Study participants were placed into groups of those who slept eight hours per night, seven hours, six hours, and less than six hours.

Teenagers that barely reached the six hours of shuteye nightly were three times were likely to consider suicide or even experience a suicide attempt. The takeaway? Parents should try to prioritize sleep for their kids.

“I think my message to parents is that it is a priority. It will make a huge difference in their children’s lives and performance and mood and behavior,” stated Reut Gruber, an associate professor of Psychiatry at McGill University. Time to make America nap again.