Dogs In Food

@dogs_infood via Instagram

With the rise in popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, it’s easy to see and share some of the cutest pets from around the globe—or some of the most delicious treats you could imagine.

What if you could have the best of both worlds? One Instagram page has combined the two for some seriously scrumptious photos that trick the eye!

This Account Is Photoshop Gold

The Internet is filled with Photoshop, but no edited pictures can top those of the “Dogs In Food” Instagram page. Take this chicken wing pup for example—have you ever seen something so deliciously cute? This Instagram page is filled with scrumptious surprises. These dogs look good enough to eat!

Instagram Can’t Get Enough Of These Tasty Canines

With over 495,000 followers on Instagram, the Dogs In Food page has become a huge hit—and animal lovers are eating it up. How about this doggocado for example? This is just one of the many clever food and puppy pics posted on the page. They even included one of the world’s most coveted beverages.

Lab Latte, Anyone?

This image takes the term “puppachino” quite literally. This dog’s light brown coat blends in perfectly with the swirls of foam and espresso—you probably wouldn’t even notice if this is what your favorite coffee shop served you!

But what about nutritious snacks? Dogs In Food has you covered.

Bulldog Berries? Don’t Mind If I Do

Can you spot this adorable pooch among these delicious berries? He blends in perfectly, making this photoshopped pup a huge success. If that smile doesn’t have you sold, the ripe and juicy fruit definitely will. This last treat is sure to trick your eye. Can you spot the dog in this dish?

This Pretzel Pup Is Hardly Recognizable

Who doesn’t enjoy a savory, soft pretzel now and again? This puppy is definitely playing the perfect part in the midst of the yummy all-time favorite. It is hard to predict which dish the Dogs In Food Instagram page will decide to make next, but we can be certain it will be cute enough to eat!