The Modern Gladiator

Your underwear probably isn’t the first thing you think about when you get ready for a workout, but maybe it should be. Not only can wearing the wrong type of underwear cause discomfort and even more serious medical conditions. Whether you’re doing high-intensity cardio, a quick walk around the block, or some serious weightlifting, what you’re wearing underneath it all matters— a lot!

Overall Tips

No matter who you are or what underwear you’re rocking, make sure to change out of those sweaty clothes as soon as you’re done working out. Leftover sweat and moisture can and will cause all sorts of discomfort.

The best types of workout underwear fabrics are those that wick away moisture– think polyester, sports wool, and nylon. Although cotton and bamboo undies might be comfy, they are also known for their moisture-absorbing qualities, making them less qualified for your workout needs.

For Women

Women are especially susceptible to nasty consequences of bad underwear. The best stylistic choices for women are briefs or bikini-cut. Boyshorts have more fabric to absorb infection-causing moisture, and thongs tend to slide around during workouts, causing bacteria to move all around. Make sure that whatever style you choose has moisture-wicking fabric in the crotch!

For Men

Similarly, the best style of workout underwear will give your skin room to breathe while still supporting everything underwear is meant to support. Pay the most attention to the material of the underwear to keep yourself healthy, happy, and infection-free.

If your underwear selection is pretty limited, you’re not out of luck. Researchers say that sleeping with no underwear may reverse the damage done to your skin by working out in bad underwear, so consider sleeping commando before investing in new workout undies. That being said, if your underwear drawer is already full of moisture-wicking supportive undies, choose those on gym days.