Unsplash- Garett Mizunaka @garett3

When was the last time you used a plastic straw? There’s a good chance it was recently. Whether you grabbed a frappe on the way to work or took one from your kitchen drawer- plastic straws are everywhere. This needs to stop, and here’s why.

They’re Polluting The Environment

One of the biggest concerns about plastic straws is how we dispose of them. Sadly, most straws end up in the ocean because they’re not recyclable. Did you know it takes as long as 200 years for a plastic straw to decompose? They’re pretty much a permanent fixture.

The harmful impact plastic has on underwater ecosystems is well documented, and unfortunately, plastic straws play a massive role in this destruction. 

They’re A Waste of Plastic

You’d be shocked to hear how many plastic straws we get through. In the States alone we use a whopping 500 million a day? That’s a crazy amount of plastic!

As we’ve said previously, you can’t even recycle them, and when you do the results aren’t good. Straws usually fall in between the sorting screens because of their small size. Consequently, they mix with other bits and bobs that are too tiny to sort through and end up in a landfill site. Or, they accidentally contaminate other recyclable plastics- not good!

They’re Killing Fish

As implied in our first point, plastic straws kill all manner of sea creatures. They account for almost 3.15% of garbage found in the ocean. Fish accidentally swallow these toxic straws because of their small size, which results in either their suffocation or injury.  The same is true of seabirds. As many as one million die every year as a result of eating plastic.

The solution? Switch to paper straws. It’s as simple as that. Make the change today and help save the environment one step at a time!