facial fillers

Facial fillers are minimally invasive, and they provide results that are almost instant. Many patients have incorporated facial fillers into their regular beauty regimen, getting them multiple times a year. What are the effects of repeated facial injections?

A Deflated Balloon

There are multiple layers of the skin with small pockets of space in between them. Normally, the pockets are very small. Each injection expands those pockets, and the skin doesn’t always revert back to its natural shape when fillers are gone.

The face reacts to repeated filler injections much like a balloon reacts to being inflated and deflated repeatedly. With each deflation, the balloon loses more elasticity. Due to a loss of elasticity, fillers can actually make wrinkles more defined.

Sagging Skin

People who lose substantial amounts of weight are often left with limp “extra” skin that hangs off of their bodies. Fillers add artificial weight to the facial skin. Since the skin is a resilient organ, it naturally stretches to the size of the filler.

When the filler is gone, the patient is left with stretched out skin. Initially, this stretched skin is hard to detect, but it becomes more visible as a patient continues getting injections. Some patients who get injections for several years need corrective plastic surgery to remove excess skin from areas like the lips and cheeks.

An Endless Cycle

Fillers give instant gratification to a client seeking to improve the look of his or her face, but fillers are not designed to be a permanent fix. Since fillers provided the desired result the first time, patients often return for more fillers once the original injection wears off.

Although it is not immediately evident, fillers gradually and permanently stretch the facial tissue. With each injection, the face is stretched further, so a greater amount of filler is necessary to achieve the original result. This launches a vicious cycle of getting more facial injections that are actually exacerbating the problems they are intended to fix.