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As the famous German philosopher, Immanuel Kant once said, “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” Dogs can sense it, too. Research from Kyoto University showed that dogs can tell the difference between someone who treated their owner well and someone who didn’t. Not surprisingly, they gave the person who didn’t the cold shoulder. The way your dog behaves around your date, and perhaps even more so vice versa, will say a lot that is worth paying attention to.

Indifference Is Not A Good Sign

Your dog is a member of your family, and indifference to a family member is disrespectful. If your date ignores your dog, it could be a sign of coldness, insensitivity, and even a lack of kindness. However, don’t mistake a subtle greeting as opposed to getting on all fours for indifference right away. It could just mean they’re nervous because of how much they like you.

How Playful Is Too Playful?

There is playful, and then there is aggressive. It’s one thing if your date throws the ball or even wrestles with your furry friend. It’s another thing if they are too dominant or bossy with your dog. Taunting is a lot different than innocent teasing, and it can be a sign that your date doesn’t have respect for boundaries. If they’re willing to behave that way toward your dog, will they do it to you as well?

Read Between The Lines

Making unnecessary comments about your dog’s appearance or behavior when they first meet could mean your date is the judgmental type. This is especially true if they don’t know anything about your dog’s background or history. Those kinds of jabs at your dog could easily turn into jabs at your friends or even you. That quickness to judge should be a red flag.

Callous Behavior Can Lead To Worse

A date who is deliberately cruel to your dog might mean it’s time to cut the date short. This behavior indicates a tendency toward violence, and not just to animals either. Even if your dog misbehaves or jumps on your date, they should in no way feel it is appropriate to treat them callously. It’s not their job to discipline your dog, nor should it be welcome, particularly if it involves uncalled for severity.

What To Make Of Love And Affection

While a date might shower your dog with affection to impress you, it’s also likely that it’s genuine. A person who is kind to animals is generally also going to be kind to humans, and that includes children. In the end, it truly should impress you if your date tries to be friendly and close with your dog, even more so if your dog responds with a wag and a smile.