When you’re in a serious relationship, you might be wondering how long you should date before getting engaged. Are six months long enough? Or should you wait until you’ve been dating for one to two years? A new scientific report reveals the answer, but it also advises couples not to ask the question.

Decrease In Divorce Rate

The scientific report, conducted at Emory University, surveyed 3,000 couples, asking how long they dated before getting engaged and married. The study found that dating one to two years before proposing reduced a couple’s risk of divorce by 20 percent. Dating three or more years also helped decrease the divorce rate.

Have A Deep Connection

Essentially, couples who knew each other “very well” and were best friends before getting engaged and married had a higher chance of having happy, successful marriages. They had a deep connection that you don’t see in early relationships. But is there an exact number to determine this level of familiarity?

Think About The Future

The more successful couples think about their futures. Regardless of how long they have been dating, couples who are committed to their relationship and plan their future ensure their love will thrive right up until they’re at the wedding altar. They have to decide what their priorities are in the relationship.

Marry Your Best Friend

Everyone should marry their best friend. Instead of questioning how long you should date before getting engaged or married, question if you’re in a relationship with someone you trust, can confide in, and someone who is your best friend. Dating your best friend means you’re twice as satisfied in life.

Marry Your Better Half

While it’s true couples who date longer have more successful marriages, according to the report, time doesn’t determine the level of compatibility between a couple. As long as you know your future spouse as your better half, you’ll be committed in a long, happy marriage. What more could you really ask Are?