Intense Workout


Danai Gurira is no stranger to her local gym. Whether as zombie-slayer, Michonne, in The Walking Dead or Wakanda General Okoye in Black Panther, Danai’s characters seem to always be in the best of shape. The 40-something actor takes her health seriously and works out up to four times each week to maintain her incredible physique. Read on to learn about her intense workouts.

Trusting The Process

Danai met her current trainer, AJ Fisher, during her time as the iconic character, Michonne, on The Walking Dead. Her workout sessions are designed to be intense and challenging, with a focus on evening out muscle imbalances and improving her strength and cardio. Trainer Fisher describes the process as “corectology” and the workouts are nonstop and unforgiving.

Working As A Unit

Each of her workouts features more than one type of training and focuses on more than one part of her body. A typical session may have intense circuit training and Pilates exercises. Her workouts are also designed to work on paired muscle groups, thus getting the body to function more efficiently as a whole unit.

Anyplace, Anytime

As an actor, playwright, and activist, Danai doesn’t always have the time to go to the gym. She’s used to being busy, though, having grown up swimming, running track, and playing field hockey. When she’s on the road, she brings resistance bands so she can workout no matter where she’s at.

Strengthening The Biggest Muscle

One thing that Danai focuses on during every workout is her backside. According to her trainer, glutes work is necessary since it’s the biggest muscle in the body. Since Danai is known for her fight scenes in The Walking Dead and Black Panther it’s important to have strong balance and good posture.

Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Along with her regimented and intense workouts, Danai stays in the best shape thanks to her holistic lifestyle. She understands that nobody wants to work out all the time and maintains a good diet and stays active, whether it’s doing yoga or playing and jogging with her dog.  “As women, we’re not always encouraged to find the fullest extent of our physical power,” she says. “There’s something so exciting about tapping into that part of ourselves.”