Working a full-time job can be pretty stressful. Although hustling at a nine-to-five allows you to pay your bills and live the kind of lifestyle you want, climbing the corporate ladder isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

Fulfillment Can’t Be Bought

Even if you think you have landed your dream job, finding fulfillment in your day-to-day duties can become taxing. Becoming bored and uninspired at work can affect your entire life, especially your mental and emotional health.

Human beings are naturally curious, and if you don’t feel like you are making a difference in the office it can seriously bring you down.

Everybody’s Working For The Weekend

Do you seem to always have a case of the Monday’s? You aren’t alone.

In recent surveys of over a million people in the workforce across the globe, 80% feel that they must go into auto-pilot mode to get through the workday. Let that sink in.

Going to work every day without any feeling of purpose can cause workers to become unmotivated and leave companies. The solution may be in the hands of the employer.

Hire And Inspire

When employers search for job candidates, they look for someone with the ambition and the qualifications to get the job done well. But in order for a good employee to stay focused, employers should satisfy their need to be fulfilled in the position.

It’s really the job of the employer to mold the position into a job that plays to a candidate’s individual strengths. But there are steps employees can take to grab control of their own personal job purpose.

Try to break down your day into various tasks. Ask yourself why you do each task, and if the answer is “because I have to” it is not the culprit of any inspiration. Dig deeper. Being honest with yourself about the work you do can point you in the right direction of focusing on what drives you.

Dissecting the bigger “why” of even the smallest work tasks can help you paint the bigger picture. Remember why you truly do what you do, and your workload won’t seem so taxing.