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The morning after a wild night never feels good.

Although drinking can be a lot of fun for some, it routinely shows up to haunt you the next morning. Some researchers think they may have finally nailed a fix for this dreaded feeling. Hailing from the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Southern California, these scientists claim they’ve found a hangover cure that really works.

The Unexpected Antidote

The hangover remedy was inside us all along. UCLA researcher Yunfeng Lu claims the “cure” for drinking a few too many is a simple capsule filled with natural enzymes. These enzymes are found in the cells of the liver and help process alcohol faster.

“Inspired by the body’s approach for breaking down alcohol, we chose three natural enzymes that convert alcohol into harmless molecules that are then excreted,” Lu wrote. “That might sound simple, because these enzymes were not new, but the tricky part was to figure out a safe, effective way to deliver them to the liver.”

Amazing Added Enzymes

Early test trials of the cure’s effectiveness in mice is looking promising.

When mice were given the hangover treatment, their blood alcohol levels dropped 45% in a matter of four hours. The treated mice even woke up faster than those who didn’t receive the enzymes. Pretty amazing, right?

Prospects Pending

Don’t go rushing to Walgreens expecting the cure to be available over the counter, though. Your doctor won’t be able to write you a prescription yet, either.

The miracle hangover cure has yet to be named and still has several trials to go through before it’s released. The most important trials on humans still need to be conducted but could happen in as early as one year, according to Lu.

Until then, pass the Pedialyte.