Cuddle therapy

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Everyone knows one of the most comforting feelings is being held by someone—especially if you had a rough day. It’s a major perk of any romantic relationship, but what if you could hire a professional to hold you tight? Cuddle therapy is making some major waves in the wellness scene, and we have the full scoop on the in’s and out’s of this emerging practice.

Cuddling Does The Body And Mind Good

Cuddling close to someone literally causes the release of the hormone oxytocin within the brain, which causes you to feel good. Taking some time to cuddle can serve as a pain reliever, immune system boost, and even decrease your chances of developing serious conditions such as heart disease.

Don’t have someone to cuddle up next to? Cuddle therapy literally eliminates the middleman.

It’s A Completely Professional Practice

A professional cuddling session is strictly platonic—which may not be widely known outside of those who practice this type of therapy. “It is very, very platonic. It is, very strictly, touch therapy and nothing more than that. That’s why we have such stringent guidelines and codes of conduct,” stated Alexis, a professional “Cuddlist.”

There is even a book filled with guidelines to follow in order to practice cuddle therapy, and it doesn’t hold back.

The Cuddle Bible Is Sacred

If you’re wondering how a professional “Cuddlist” approaches a session, you may want to flip through the Cuddle Sutra, which essentially lays out all the basics of platonic intimacy. It explains 50 different cuddling positions, including reverse spooning and the horizontal hold.

Cuddle therapists take their job very seriously, and they are even required to obtain certification.

There Is A Thorough Screening Process

“This is, in fact, the most important part of our entire screening/training process, and at the core of who we are,” stated Adam Lippin, the co-owner of, a website that employees and screens professional cuddle therapists.

The one thing that all clients have in common is not particularly surprising.

We All Crave Human Connection

“I’ve had clients who are widowed. I’ve had clients who have had traumatic situations, [some] who were really burned out medical professionals,” professional cuddle therapist Alexis stated.

Human touch is linked to a positive emotional, mental, and even physical response. Cuddle therapy may not be mainstream as of yet, but the benefits are certainly making people give it a second glance.