cooking rice

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Most people wouldn’t consider cooking something as simple as rice to be problematic. Unfortunately, many home cooks make a slew of mistakes that will often result in ordering takeout. Let’s take a good look at five common rice blunders that people can’t seem to avoid when they’re in the kitchen.

Clean Rice Is Good Rice

You can’t cook any sort of food without washing it first. Rice normally comes shipped in surface starches, which need to be removed. Those that avoid washing rice can experience a sticky taste in the end. It’s tradition for Asian chefs to always wash rice before cooking it.

Give It Time

Much like any other food, you can’t simply dive in after the rice is done cooking. Having soggy rice on your plate isn’t a great way to end your time in the kitchen. Because of its moisture, it’s best to let rice sit for about 10 to 20 minutes.

Smoke On The Water

When it comes to adding water, many people get confused at how much is too much. With this mindset, people tend to put too little in the pot. If you’re trying to find the best method, use the first knuckle method. With your finger in the pan, pour water until it hits your first knuckle.

Built For Perfection

You might just grab any pot to cook rice, but that might do more harm than good. Thin pots will lead to rice not cooking properly. If you want the best for your food, use pots with thick bottoms. This will aid in the absorption of steam into your rice.

The Heat Is On

If you’re trying to get rice cooking quickly on the stove, don’t try to turn up the temperature. That glorious rice will turn into a burnt mess under high pressure. There’s also the consequence of unintentionally starting a kitchen fire. If you’re looking to get the job done fast, purchase a rice cooker.