Science And Food

While most of us would love to go to restaurants and let someone serve us for every meal, it’s just not affordable or practical. Besides, nothing beats a nice homecooked meal that you’ve prepared yourself. Not all of us can be a David Chang or Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, but these five tips will make cooking easier, faster, and safer.

Sharpen Your Knives

Many people believe that sharper knives present more danger in the kitchen, but the truth is that sharper knives are much safer to use. A sharp knife requires less pressure to cut than a dull knife and will go through food much easier. A dull knife may slip off the food and expose you to the possibility of cutting yourself.

Add Vinegar To Eggs

Before attempting that secret recipe for deviled eggs, add some vinegar to the water your eggs are boiling in. The vinegar will get inside the eggs’ shells, making them easier to peel. You can also use baking soda instead of vinegar; neither will affect the taste of the eggs and you’ll be enjoying them much sooner.

Use Dental Floss To Cut Delicate Foods

Whether it’s a soft cheese like mozzarella or a birthday cake for that special someone, knives don’t always cut as precisely as we want them to. Go to your medicine cabinet and grab some dental floss (unflavored, of course) and you’ll soon be serving perfect slices to everyone.

Marinate Meat In A Bag

Who doesn’t love a nice piece of meat that’s been marinated well? Instead of putting the meat and marinade in a bowl and covering it, use a plastic storage bag. Since all surfaces of the meat are covered in the marinade when using the bag method, it’ll be more flavorful after it’s spent time on the grill or stovetop.

Use The Microwave For Cappuccino Foam

There’s no need to buy a fancy coffee machine to make a milk froth for the top of your cappuccino. Simply pour milk into a jar, shake it up, remove the top, and put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. The foam inside will become firm and you can add a dollop or two to your delicious coffee beverage.