Pore Strips

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Blackheads are something almost everyone wants to get rid of—especially around the nose. And the solution? Pore strips of course!

But Do You Know What Pore Strips Are Actually Doing To Your Skin?

While most people automatically think pore strips are an easy, safe method of removing blackheads, they could be causing more damage than you expect. And to make matters worse, the gunk left on the pore strip isn’t actually what you think it is.

They Don’t Really Get Rid Of Blackheads

Even though your skin will probably look smooth and clear after ripping off a pore strip, you’re mistaken if you think those little black dots left on the strip are full blackheads.

In fact, all a pore strip does is eliminate the top of blackheads, leaving the actual root untouched. Layers of healthy skin cells are also damaged in the process, leaving you with inflamed skin— and blackheads guaranteed to re-surface!

They Tear Away Essential Natural Oils

In order to keep your skin as healthy as possible, it needs a barrier of essential oils to protect against harmful bacteria. You need to keep all the good moisture in!

But, by literally ripping the top layers of skin with a pore strip, you’re stripping all those vital oils away. This will leave your skin less protected, less balanced and more susceptible to infection.

They Make Existing Skin Conditions Worse

Often, people use pore strips in an attempt to make their skin better. But, if you have an existing skin condition already, they can make it worse.

Not only are they incredibly aggressive towards sensitive skin, but they can also aggravate dry skin and conditions like eczema.

So, while pore strips may seem like they’re solving all your blackhead worries, all they’re really doing is making your skin temporarily smoother— and perhaps causing more harm than good!