Bras have their purpose. For women who have big chests, bras provide fairly necessary support. Women with small boobs use bras because society is so uncomfortable with female nipples, it is uncomfortable to go without one. People will stare. That being said, there are plenty of reasons for women to burn their bras in spite of it all. These five reasons, in particular, might be inspiring enough to get the matches out.

Comfort First

Ask any woman: that moment at the end of the day when we take our bras off is divine. That begs the question, if they are so uncomfortable, and not necessary, why wear a bra at all? It’s true that some women need a bra for support and reducing back pain, but what excuse do the rest of us have?

Fight The Patriarchy

It is beyond a doubt an act of feminism to burn your bra. Society tells us that we have to wear bras to protect our nipples from the male gaze (or worse), but men need to learn to control themselves. Women’s nipples are not inherently sexual any more than men’s are. It’s only our patriarchal society that tells us so. Fight the good fight and liberate not only your boobs but your entire being from the sexist regime that is our world.

Be Your Bad Sexy Self

Feminist goals aside, there is no denying that we live in a society that sexualizes women’s nipples. Since there is nothing wrong with looking and feeling sexy, shedding that bra should not be off-limits. The unrestrained breast is the object of many a fantasy, and if you’re walking around so free, so confident, people will take note.

Your Body Is Better Off Without Them

Countless scientific research shows that not wearing a bra allows the breasts to develop ways to naturally support themselves. Plus, bra-wearing has been linked to a significant increase in risk of breast cancer, worse circulation, and increased back and neck pain. Those reasons should be enough to convince you to burn your bra, case in point.

It Is A Practice Of Self Love

Society is so judgmental of women’s bodies, and it often makes us judge ourselves. We think we have to have full, round breasts with tons of cleavage to be beautiful because that’s what we see in magazines. We buy bras to help make our boobs into that perfect shape. Going braless, then, turns into an act of self-love. It is a way of truly loving yourself just as you are and letting everyone know it.