How Stuff Works

Sugar has always been a part of our daily food consumption, whether we knew it or not. But the contradicting “facts” about sugar that get thrown around can be confusing. Without research, many people take these myths as gospel. Let’s look at several false facts surrounding sugar and give you the real story.

Pour Some Sugar On Me

Parents are often scared to give kids sugar because they believe it increases their hyperactive behavior. According to a study by The Journal of the American Medical Association, these two things aren’t connected. “The way we think we should feel has a lot to do with how we do feel,” stated Dr. Tom Robinson. If parents tell kids they should feel hyper after having sugar, that’s how they’ll act.

That’s The Tooth

Remember being told as a kid that too much sugar can rot your teeth? Well, that’s not the honest truth. When it comes to possible tooth decay, dental plaque is what you need to avoid. Without the proper removal, dental plaque can lead to tooth problems and bad breath.

Same Difference

The argument between natural sugar and processed sugar has raged on for years. For many people, it’s really hard to tell which sugar is actually the best. To be honest, many food manufacturers can’t tell the difference either. While they are made differently, you won’t notice any major changes by switching things up.

Sugar, We’re Going Down

For decades, sugar has been linked to Type 1 diabetes. The truth is that sugar has nothing to do with the disease at all. Type 1 diabetes stems from insulin-producing cells being destroyed by your immune system. Folks with diabetes can still consume sugar, but it’s best if it’s in small doses because they can’t process it as well.

Lips Like Sugar

For those on a special diet, there’s always been that lingering question of whether or not sugar is vegan. Unfortunately, most sugar is filtered by bone char. “The bone char simply removes impurities from the sugar, but does not become a part of the sugar,” stated Caroline Pyevich. However, the simple fact that bone char is used in the production of sugar is a cause of concern for many vegans.