When it comes to finding a great scholarship, it can be a bit mindnumbing. Many of them only offered a low amount of winners, so your chances can be quite low. One scholarship, though, is looking to deliver big for numerous people.

Making An Impact

For those looking to research colleges across the country, Niche is a premier website. With a handful of people behind the scenes, you’ll get the best results imaginable. While they do feature many scholarships, they’re gaining attention for their own.

The best thing is you don’t have to do a typical essay to enter.

Some Restrictions Apply

This monthly scholarship is available for both high school and college students looking for some extra cash. The only catch is you must be attending a college or high school listed on Niche’s website. Many of the colleges on their site include Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Washington University in St. Louis, and the University of Southern California.

You might think this is only valid for students, but that’s where you’re wrong. Parents of said students can apply on their children’s behalf. This is only for students who are legal residents of the United States. Unfortunately, Puerto Rico and other territories are not allowed to enter.

Your Chance At Serious Cash

In order to apply, you must simply fill out a form on their website. If you’re old school, you can send in a mail in entry. You can decide to submit your entry through both mediums. Doing so will have you disqualified from the contest.

One winner each month will win $2,000 for their school needs. The company will make sure the winner is notified through email, Facebook, and telephone. If you didn’t win, don’t worry. Just re-enter each and every month for another shot at the prize.