Cleaning is a necessity, one that many of us dread. Some things need to be cleaned all the time, and maybe we are not cleaning them enough. However, there is a flip side. Cleaning certain things too often ends up doing more harm than good. The next time you go to clean one of these five things, take a step back, because it might not be time to clean it just yet.

Jeans Are Not Meant For So Much Washing

Jeans will last way longer if you don’t wash them every time you wear them. First of all, it is not necessary to wash your jeans every time you wear them because their material makes it so they don’t get too dirty or start to smell for a least a few wears. Over-washing your jeans will leave them with less shape and color than they’re mean to have at a much quicker rate.

Let Your Wood Furniture Be

Real wood furniture is usually expensive, so it’s no wonder you want to make sure to take great care of it. However, cleaning it too often is not taking the best care of it, as it turns out. Using cleaning sprays meant for wood furniture tend to cause build-up. The result is more dust. Wipe your wood furniture down with just a cloth once a week. Once a month, use a thin layer of wood furniture polish.

If You Care About Your Hair, Don’t Wash It Everyday

While the ideal hair-washing frequency depends slightly on your hair type and the climate in which you live, generally speaking, washing hair two or three times a week is plenty. If you shower every day, you should definitely not be washing it every time. Daily shampooing can leave your scalp without its natural oils, causing dry hair and split ends, not to mention dandruff. You’ll have much healthier hair washing it less.

Almost Never Wash Your Curtains

The more you wash anything, the less durable it gets over time. That includes curtains, so don’t wash them more than you need to. Every month is far too often to be washing your curtains. In fact, usually washing them once a year is the right amount. Spot treatments can be applied as necessary in between.

Your Dog Will Thank You For This

People tend to think they have to bathe their dogs at least once a month, but that is not the case. Obviously, if your dog smells bad or was rolling in filth, a bath is in order. Other than that, washing your dog about every other month is plenty. The only exception tends to be longer-haired dogs that might require additional washing.