Everyone loves chocolate and it’s usually best enjoyed after dinner. It might sound like a crazy idea but according to experts, the best time to eat chocolate is in the morning, right before you eat breakfast. Yes, health experts actually recommend eating one chocolate bar in the morning, and it’s all because of one specific reason.

Your Palate Had Its Beauty Sleep

Maybe you have noticed that chocolate tastes better in the morning. That’s because your palate had its beauty sleep, having had time to rest overnight and is now more adept at noticing various flavors. One of these flavors is chocolate, best noticed in a plain chocolate bar.

If you’re going to eat chocolate in the morning, it’s best to devour a plain chocolate bar. Skip the chocolate cake, brownies, and ice cream, and instead go straight to an ordinary chocolate bar that doesn’t have any add-ins, including almonds or salt. Your well-rested palate will easily savor every rich flavor, whether it’s light milk chocolate or slightly bitter dark chocolate.

Notice The Differences

Once you take your first bite, you’ll immediately notice the difference of eating chocolate in the morning as opposed to devouring it as your dessert after dinner. Your taste buds will be more alert, and you’ll taste chocolate as you’ve never had before.

Consider the differences. Does chocolate taste sweeter in the morning? Is it more bitter? Notice the difference and determine which taste you prefer—eating chocolate in the morning or saving it for after dinner.

Eat It Slowly

Take it slow. Don’t eat the entire chocolate bar in one bite. Instead, take one bite and allow the chocolate to melt on your tongue. Doing so will allow you to determine how the chocolate bar really tastes.

Chocolate is a wonderful luxury, so be sure to enjoy every bite. Your palate is ready for sweet flavors. Don’t devour the chocolate bar. Chocolate is all about pleasure, so don’t rush through the delicious fun.