expensive equipment


Peloton commercials are very enticing! Those bikes look like they could be the key to helping anyone of us finally reach our fitness goals. Pelotons are simply the latest example of expensive home gym equipment. NordicTrack and Bowflex are few more examples of proper home gym equipment that, while effective, is extremely expensive. Although these high ticket machines certainly serve a purpose, spending a lot of money is not a prerequisite for getting a great workout at home. Here are a few cheaper options for expensive home workout equipment.

Suspension Training Works The Core

Suspension training is a very effective way of working out. This method of working out involves hanging two bands on something like a door or a hook that is sturdy and elevated. Exercises can be done with the hands, arms, or feet suspended in the bands. Most suspension training exercises are bodyweight exercises. These are perfect for losing weight and getting toned safely. Since these exercises use bodyweight, it is very difficult to overexert or injure the muscles because they are simply holding up the same amount of weight they are already used to carrying on a daily basis.

Suspension training is a great foundation for any workout regimen. Once a person understands how to move between the bands, performing the motions is relatively easy compared to more complicated exercises. This form of exercise is also more palatable for some beginners because it involves stretching and holding poses rather than the constant motion of cardio. (There are cardio exercises for suspension training.) Suspension training improves endurance and helps to strengthen muscles in the core. With a strong core and improved endurance, a person can more effectively tackle exercises that are more taxing on the body.

In addition to being so amazing, suspension training is very cheap. By far, the most popular brand of suspension bands is TRX. The official TRX set costs upwards of $150. This is still much cheaper than spending thousands of dollars on one piece of equipment, but you can get other brands of bands for as little as $30 for a set.

Clubbells Offer A Total Body Workout

Many high dollar home gym machines are touted for their ability to give an effective full body workout. With far less expensive equipment, exercises that work the whole body and create a tight and toned physique can be achieved. Clubbells are perfect working multiple large muscle groups simultaneously rather than just working with single muscles. These less than common weights are shaped like a club and the bottom of the club is weighted. Like other weights, they come in all sizes. Some are shorter and some are longer. The weights usually start at five pounds and the can get much heavier.

These weights have been around for many centuries. They were invented in Ancient Persia as a tool to help train soldiers. To work with clubbells, a person holds onto the lighter, thinner shaft, gripping with both hands just as one would if swinging a baseball bat. When the clubbell is swung in various directions, a very effective total body workout can be achieved. Heavier weights can be used as the body gets more comfortable with smaller sizes. Prices for clubbells vary greatly depending on the brand, but clubbell sets usually cost between $20-$50. Getting a time tested total body workout without paying the price of a used car is priceless.

Fitness Trackers Give You The Power

Knowledge is power, and that phrase could not ring truer when it comes to getting a great workout. Fitness trackers can help a person to use cold hard fact to determine which workouts are best. Each person burns calories differently and each person has unique needs when it comes to daily caloric intake. Many fitness trackers also measure heart rate, and heart rate can be one of the most important metrics for determining if an exercise regimen is having a measurable impact on overall wellness. The heart is a muscle. When it works harder, it gets stronger. Exercises, especially cardio, cause the heart to beat strong and fast. When the heart muscle gains endurance in this way, the resting heart rate should decrease. Resting heart rate should decrease as a person continues to exercise regularly. This is a great way of measuring fitness progress that has nothing to do with weight. Fitness trackers also measure steps. Many of them allow users to set goals and see charts on their steps from one day to the next. There are studies that prove that this gamification of fitness goals helps people to reach them. Other metrics such as weight and daily sleep habits can also be measured, analyzed, and tracked over time with even the most basic fitness trackers. A person who has a clear understanding of their overall picture of health is far more likely to reach fitness goals.

Basic fitness trackers can cost as little as $30, and more expensive trackers can cost a couple hundred dollars. This is still far less than the cost of purchasing expensive home gym equipment.

Exercise does not have to be complicated or expensive. Equipment can help to accomplish a better workout, but reasonably priced equipment can be just as effective as bigger machinery. Although infomercials make it seem like turning your home into a small gym is the only way to get a great workout, there are simple, effective, and most importantly frugal methods of getting the same results. There are a million barriers to staying healthy and fit, and not having enough money does not have to be one of them.