belly fat


With so many jobs requiring extensive time sitting at a desk nowadays, it’s easy to gain weight. Before you know it, your belly may have grown while you were typing away on the computer. Going to the gym isn’t an option while you’re working on those pesky spreadsheets or answering emails, but there are ways to burn calories from the comfort of your office. Read on for five exercises that will reduce belly fat while you sit.

Floor Reaches

While seated on your chair, keep your feet on the ground and your arms next to your sides. Starting with your right hand, lean forward to touch your left toes. Come back up to your original position, then use your left hand, lean forward and touch your right toes. Repeat this up to 30 times.

Knee Pull-Ins

Sit on the edge of your chair. Keep your back straight and lift your right knee to your chest and bring your hands to your knee. Lower your right knee, then lift your left knee to your chest and bring your hands to your knee. Continued for up to 30 times.

Seated Hip Thrust

While seated on the edge of your chair, bend your knees 90 degrees and keep your toes on the floor. Use your armrests for support. Lean back 45 degrees and pull your legs to your chest. Now extend your legs straight into the air and pull your legs back to your chest. Finally, drop your feet without hitting the floor and repeat up to 20 times.

Chair Swivel

If you have an office chair that swivels, then you can work on your obliques. Sit upright in the chair and keep your feet off the floor. Now, grab and hold the edge of your desk and use your core to swivel from side to side. Repeat up to 15 times.

Chair Plank

Okay, so you’re not actually sitting in your chair for this exercise, but it’s a great way to target your abs and strengthen your core. Put your forearms on the seat of your chair and your toes on the floor. Keep a straight line from your head to toe and hold the position for up to 45 seconds.