It’s something the majority of us can’t live without. It’s a calendar, text-reminder, calculator, internet-browsing powerhouse—all-in-one handheld device. Although it may seem like a no-brainer to carry your smartphone with you everywhere you go, the more you use your device, the more it affects your body.

Here are five ways in which heavy cellphone usage is detrimental to your health—and you may want to put your phone down for this!

Paranoia May Consume Your Daily Life

Is there anything more satisfying than a smartphone on 100 percent? There lies the problem. Excessive phone use can lead to nomophobia, which is defined as the fear of being without your cell phone. It may be time to re-analyze how often you think you need your phone. Putting it down for periods of time can prevent this fear from overcoming your day.

Your Immune System Is Constantly In Overdrive

If you didn’t know already, your phone is literally crawling with bacteria. A study conducted by the London School of Hygiene found that one out of every six phones has fecal matter on it—which may be enough to encourage you to free your hands. The poop emoji takes on a whole new meaning.

Your Neck Is Under Pressure

We all know frequent phone use is terrible for our posture, but did you know staring down at your phone can add 60 pounds of pressure to your neck? This can also lead to back, shoulder, and head pain—making it a medical necessity to look up from your screen.

You’re Becoming Antisocial

It’s no surprise that constantly staring at your phone can prevent you from having adequate in-person interactions. Continually checking your ‘likes’ or updated newsfeed can hinder your real-life relationships, since you seem constantly distracted. Putting your phone down can allow you to foster stronger bonds with family and friends.

A Brain Tumor Could Form

It may sound like an old wive’s tale, but excessive cell phone use really can mess with your brain. A Swedish study found that individuals that showcased heavy cell phone use were four to five times more likely to develop brain cancer. Just another reason to seriously cut down on your daily scrolling.