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Photo by Joe Haupt via Flickr

Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle

The undisputed heavy-weight champion of products that last forever, the Stanley Classic Vaccum bottle is a cult-classic that has withstood the test of time.

Decades ahead of the game, this reusable container keeps liquids’ temperature on point for hours. It’s durability is so popular and commonly cited in Reddit’s r/BuyItForLife thread, there is actually a petition to ban more posts about it. If that’s not testament to it’s quality, we don’t know what is.

buy it for life Stanley Thermos Vacuum Bottle, old vs newbuy it for life Stanley Thermos Vacuum Bottle, old vs new
u/MrJwoj via Reddit

Noteworthy review: “THIS! My daughter carried 24oz of boiling water to the mountain @ 5 am, added to homemade powdered cocoa mix @ 8 am, added to homemade Noodle Soup @ 12:30 pm with lunch, added to more hot cocoa @ 3 pm… Got home @ 5 pm and the remainder was still wicked hot!” — Jammer

Waterman Fountain Pen

How can anyone be expected to write anything of substance without a quality writing instrument? Novels and memoirs don’t write themselves. Hemingway didn’t draft ‘A Farewell to Arms’ with some plastic, throwaway stick, people.

If you’re serious about your penmanship, you’re going to need a good fountain pen. They write smoothly and make you look important. Otherwise…don’t quit your day job. One Redditer even asserted that his Waterman pen was approaching a century of use (pictured below). Mind = blown. We’ll take two.

waterman fountain pen buy it for lifewaterman fountain pen buy it for life
u/chaser817 via Reddit

Noteworthy review:Girlfriend loves it. Her students like it, too. “Was using my ink pen today and 2 of my girls mentioned how nice the pen was. And then went to look how much they are. They said I have a fancy pen.”

Sheʻs had good experiences and uses it all the time.

Two (or four) thumbs up, depending on how you look at it.” — Alex Nangle

Zojirushi Rice Cookers

Rice has been cultivated by humans for around 5000 years, and people have been cookin’ it up in Zojirushi rice cookers for just as long.

Okay…not quite that long — but this kitchen appliance has what it takes to become a family heirloom. One Redditor posted a picture of some Zojirushi rice cookers that had been in use in a Chinese restaurant for over 30 years and were still servin’ up fluffy white goodness with gusto.

Given that this staple crop isn’t going out of fashion any time soon, might as well invest in the long haul. 

buy it for life zojirushi rice cookerbuy it for life zojirushi rice cooker
via Reddit (user‘s handle contains language we can’t post here)

Noteworthy review:We like to eat rice in our house and as our family grew, our old steamer/rice cooker just wasn’t large enough for three growing boys and then mom and dad. On the advice of a friend of mine that spent 15 years in Japan and also eats a lot of rice, he suggested I pick up this rice cooker and be done with looking around; so I did. It gets used twice per week since we bought it and it cooks the rice perfect every time. My wife thinks it is the best appliance I have bought for the house to date.” — Ian Mc

Playmate Igloo

For as long as we live, we hope there are occasions where coolers are necessary. To that end, can’t go wrong with a Playmate igloo. Users rave about it’s high-quality construction, effectiveness at keeping its contents cool, and ease of cleaning.

And while lunchboxes still aren’t cool (pun intended), who knows? Maybe if enough of us fight this pervasive societal construct, we can reset the standard and enjoy our sandwiches the way we like ‘em…chilled.

Who’s with us?

playmate igloo cooler, old and new contrast, buy it for lifeplaymate igloo cooler, old and new contrast, buy it for life
u/lasher576 via Reddit

Noteworthy review: “Have an OLD playmate which STILL keeps things cold. Needed another so ordered this and am pleasantly surprised at the improvements since I bought mine at least 20 years or more ago! It kept my items frozen for the needed 2 hour trip and could tell it would have kept them frozen for more! Glad I chose this cooler! This will be used for the beach also so this is just what I needed!” — joni s

Zippo lighters

If you get a Zippo (and are good about keeping track of small-sized items), the answer to that question could be yes…forever. Zippo lighters have been around for almost 90 years. They’re famous for their wind-resistant flames, and we like these chrome designs for their timelessness.

Best of all, Zippo offers a lifetime warranty. If your Zippo product is damaged or breaks, you can send it in for repair free of charge.

You just never know who might meet through a light.

buy it for life zippo lighter with year of manufacturing printed on bottombuy it for life zippo lighter with year of manufacturing printed on bottom
u/SealmanOutOfWater via Reddit

Noteworthy review:There’s a slight learning curve to Zippo, if you’ve only ever used disposable lighters. The flame is larger (but strong against windy weather). You’ll need to refill the fluid (I do weekly). You’ll need to pull and trim the wick with needle-nose wire cutters (not very often). You’ll need to take the whole thing apart to replace the wick and flint (once in a blue moon).

Otherwise, it’s well-crafted, classy-looking, fun-to-use, environmentally sound lighter, from a company with excellent customer service.” — startswithj

 Doc Marten everything

If you’re going to buy something that’s going to last, it’s probably a good call to get something you want to wear for a long time. Doc Martin boots are well known for their superb quality, but what really makes them stomp out the rest is their timeless-yet-edgy design.

They’re the kind of boots you wear as you roll up to a meeting 15 minutes late with a hot coffee you definitely didn’t forgo because of this meeting. 

Bust them out when you’re ready to call shots. Unleash your inner goth/rockabilly/steampunk//grunge/workman/gang of other counterculture archetypes this style suits well.

Grow get a pair.

doc martens buy it for life bootsdoc martens buy it for life boots
u/BryanWake via Reddit

Noteworthy review:I’ve been lusting over these shoes for what feels like years. I finally decided to buy them and I’m so glad I did!

They are very high quality. The leather is sturdy and the platform is made of thick rubber. The platform provides support but is just flexible enough to make walking around very easy. After about a week of wear, the leather molds to your feet and they become incredibly comfortable. And of course, they look great! They are definitely a statement piece.” — Jamara

Levi’s denim

Doesn’t get much more Americana than a classic Levi’s demin. This All-American brand has been around for almost 170 years.

In 2008, a 136-year-old pair of Levi’s were found in a California silver mine. Even more impressive: They were in pretty good condition. That’s some next-level vintage.

They’re stylish in a classic way too — Emily Ratajkowski wears them today; Marilyn Monroe and James Dean rocked them too.  Quality is always en vouge.

emily ratajkowski marilyn monroe and james dean wearing levisemily ratajkowski marilyn monroe and james dean wearing levis
Astrid Stawiarz / Stringer via Getty images

Noteworthy review: I love love love the jacket. I didn’t expect the jacket to be exactly what I was looking for, but ordered anyway, since you can return it for free.

The jacket fits perfect, the material is soft and stretchy. Jacket isn’t boxy like most, it’s nicely fitted at waist and love that the sleeves are fitted too…Would buy again.” — Amazon customer

Swing-A-Way can opener

Should Doomsday really fall upon us, the last thing you want is to be alone in your bunker (that you’ve outfitted with years’ worth of provisions) only to have your can opener bend out of shape when you go crack open your first meal. Whomp whomp.

Good news: That disaster is avoidable with a Swing-A-Way can opener, which is built to last — even through the apocalypse.

buy it for life Swing-a-Way can openerbuy it for life Swing-a-Way can opener
Underwood Archives via Getty images

Noteworthy review:After years – no, decades! -of cursing can openers, both manual and electric, increasing infirmity prompted a longer, harder search.

The great thing about this one is – it just works. Every time, with no missing, skipping or any other sorts of hissy fits. Plus, the long crank handle makes it so very easy to turn, which is fantastic when you’re feeling feeble! It’s expensive but you really do get what you pay for.” — Lindsay Porter

Pyrex mixing bowls

If only Elon Musk had teamed up with Pyrex before his infamous Tesla Cybertruck Demo — maybe the windows could have indeed taken the hits from a baseball bat.

Pyrex glass has gained a reputation for its ability to withstand extremities from high temperatures, to blunt force, to the merciless passage of time. Who knew baking cupcakes required so much rugged endurance? Anyway, we’ve got some fluffy pink frosting to mix.

pyrex mixing bowls buy it for lifepyrex mixing bowls buy it for life

Noteworthy review:So I wanted to leave a review because I dropped all three bowls today when pulling out of my cupboard. I had them at like 5 feet above the floor.

None of them broke or cracked or anything. And they probably should’ve because it was a very loud crash. They were stacked together so they collided. I still have my favorite mixing bowls! Totally happy with these bowls!” — Bexyrae

Fiskars scissors

There’s a surprisingly huge quality range when it comes to scissors, so might as well spring for a good pair that will satisfy all your cutting needs for years to come.

One Redditor had been using her Fiskars scissors for well over 20 years (since her paste-eating days, we assume), and they looked like they could easily do another 20 (the Christie Brinkley of the scissors world). They are comfortable, durable, sharp — and comfortably less than $10.00.

Now go take a lap.

fiskar scissors buy it for life productsfiskar scissors buy it for life products

Noteworthy review:  “They’re scissors. You put one blade on either side of something you wish to cut, squeeze the handles together, and it cuts. Super sharp, too. They cut almost as precisely as my father’s comments about my career path.” — Kelly

Birkenstock sandals

Birkenstocks might be the most polarizing sandal to ever hit the market. They’ve achieved a fan base for being comfy and long lasting, but they’ve really found their stride in being ‘anti-fashion fashion’. For that reason, they are popular among counterculture groups (think hippies and hipsters). Like them or not, their quality makes them worth the investment — and ensures we’ll be debating their place in the fashion world for years to come.

birkenstocks buyitforlife products that last foreverbirkenstocks buyitforlife products that last forever
u/immaterialist via reddit

Noteworthy review: “Birkenstocks never disappoint! I wear a ladies’ size 7 and I now have three pairs of sandals in 38, they fit me perfectly. (I have narrow feet, so I did purchase the 38 narrow size.) These copper colored Arizonas are gorgeous and were definitely worth the splurge.” — Kaori Umekita

Gillette safety razor

If there’s one thing most of us think of as disposable, it’s razors…but that wasn’t always the case. King Gillette (yes, his name really was King, and yes, his folks probably had high hopes for him) brought the safety razor to market in 1904.

The handle piece was an investment, but the replaceable blades were affordable. Gillette dominated the market — you know, since they were ‘the best a man can get’ and all — up through the mid ‘70s. Then the fully disposable razor entered the market, and Gillette had to follow suite to compete.

But Gillete’s OG razor handles are still around to this day, and thanks to a movement against consumption culture (and honorable mention to hipsters’ firm ‘it-used-to-be-better’ stance), Gillette brought the throwback razor handle back in a cool, retro case. Smooth. 

vintage Gillette shave safety razor buy it for lifevintage Gillette shave safety razor buy it for life
Photo by Joe Haupt via Flickr

Noteworthy review:Received this in the mail today and I have one word to describe it. WOW!! Gillette has made a comeback to the double edge razor game. And the comeback sends a strong message, that they haven’t forgotten their roots. This razor has a good weight, and really nice knurling on the handle. Can tell this is built to last.” — Matt