armpit fat


If you have excess armpit fat, you’re not alone!

Quick Notes

  • Armpit fat can be fixed with clothing

  • Armpit fat is not always a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle

  • Diet and exercise are major contributors to reducing armpit fat

Body fat has a way of showing up in the strangest of places. Armpit fat is a particularly hard type of body fat to burn. Targeting larger, easily mobile, areas of the body like the abdominals, legs, and glutes, is much easier than targeting the armpits.

Do not despair! As difficult as the task may seem, armpit fat can be conquered. This is a problem that millions of people deal with, so fitness experts have come up with a variety of solutions.

Is it really armpit fat?

The first step to fixing any problem is to understand why it exists. The armpit is more than a place to apply deodorant. It sits underneath the shoulder joint, and it is an intersection of muscles of the chest and the back. Extremely important lymph nodes also lie in and around the armpits. For all of those reasons, it is highly unlikely, albeit not impossible, that true fat develops in the armpits.

The fat may lie over the armpits, but the source of the fat is often truly the arms, back, and breasts. This is a great thing because there are exercises that can be done to burn fat in all of those areas, whereas it is virtually impossible to target the armpits themselves in a workout.

The body stores fat where it wants, so there is no way of avoiding fat depositing around the armpits. Additionally, it is important to verify that fatty armpits are not actually swollen lymph nodes. If an increase in armpit fat is sudden and not associated with weight gain, it may be a different health issue. Pain in the armpits is also an indicator of swollen lymph nodes, which should be examined by a doctor.


For many people, getting rid of armpit fat can be as simple as changing clothes. Tight-fitting shirts contort the body fat that may truly lie on the back or the arms and pushes it towards the underarms, creating an unsightly bulge. Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence are two of many celebrities who have had this problem on red carpets.

Especially for women, armpit fat can often be a sign that a better fitting bra may be necessary. When all else fails and armpit fat really is just body fat, exercise can get rid of the issue.

How to burn armpit fat

To conquer armpit fat, focus on exercises that target the chest, back, and arms. One exercise that targets muscle groups in all three of the areas simultaneously is the pushup. Pushups pump the arms, and require a certain amount of endurance in the chest and back to remain in proper form throughout the duration of the workout.

Tricep dips are also great for targeting the hard to reach back fat that spills over into the armpits. For this exercise, position the body in front of something sturdy. Reaching behind the rest of the body, grip the sturdy object with both hands. Using the arms only, raise the entire body up and down. This requires both strength and endurance skills.

Weight training effectively targets the fat that causes unsightly bulges around the armpits. Using a weight bench, do simple chest presses. This requires lifting a barbell up and down over the body while lying flat on the weight bench.

Cardio exercises are perfect for getting rid of armpit fat. Armpit fat comes from excess body fat. Although fat seems to be more stubborn in certain areas of the body than others, reducing total body fat will eventually lead to having less fat in all areas. Cardio exercises are taxing on the body. They burn a lot of calories and a lot of fat, which leads to less armpit fat.

Armpit fat can also be reduced by closely monitoring diet. A low-fat diet may be the key to losing the excess body fat that pools around the armpits. Armpit fat does not necessarily mean a person is not healthy, but people who want to get rid of it have plenty of options.

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