Rachel McAdams Shows Up

Do you know who this bridesmaid is? One of the stars of Wedding Crashers was this lovely actress in blue. Sandra Kay and Lance McAdams gave birth to her in 1978. She is from the province of Ontario. She began performing at the age of thirteen in school Shakespeare plays.


After a few minor appearances in Disney films, her big break came in 2004 with the film Mean Girls, in which she played the character ‘Regina George.’ Her outstanding performance in this film is still remembered today. It’s also a pretty popular internet meme.

Who’s Who?

Consider a “Who’s the Bride?” game. This is the case with these two. Lady Gaga would be the center of attention! We’d have a difficult time figuring out who the bride is. The bride and bridesmaids had an incredible mix-up. One of the bridesmaids most likely confused herself for the bride and donned the bride’s gown.


At least, that’s how it first appears. If you look in the lower-left corner, it’s easy to spot the tell-tale white dress of the actual bride, not featured in this photograph. Whew! Looks like there was no mix-up after all!

Bridesmaid Trains

Granted, the flamboyant wedding dress train has been slipping in and out of fashion. But when did bridesmaid’s trains become a thing? We’re still trying to come to terms with the fact that a bride would want to let her beautiful (and quite expensive) dress drag on the ground.


The bridesmaids, on the other hand, did not allow the bride to revel in her splendor. They simply had to have a train as well. The bridesmaids, dressed in stunning ash-colored gowns, are just magnificent. We can’t help but wonder who was the wedding’s star attraction.

Ladies in Gray

This bride, on the other hand, would not pick up on the irony. For the bridesmaids, she settled on a groufit (grey outfit). Isn’t there a better way to make sure no one steals her show? Well, she succeeded; those drab gowns are so uninteresting in comparison to her stunning gown. Her arrogant expression says it all.


A little backstory about the ladies. All of the females in this photo were teammates in college basketball. The bride took off running. According to what we heard, the bride grew raised in a poor area and worked her way through college by playing games. She then took up the position formerly held by a D1 recruit. In 2017, she went on to win the national title!

Beachside Wedding

The majority of individuals fantasize about having a beautiful seaside wedding. Unfortunately, they will never get the opportunity to do so. The sea waves cresting on its banks and the sun beams dancing on the ocean, from the warm moist beach to the chilly damp atmosphere. The tropical birds may almost be heard singing.


Extended family members, in particular, adore vacation weddings. They swoop in and take up every available space. ‘Who’s that?’ would be a reoccurring thought in the minds of the brides. ‘Did they receive an invitation?’

Happiest Wedding

These bridesmaids may have stolen the show, but they are so happy and excited for the wedding that their joy is infectious!
We’re sure the bride considers herself extremely fortunate to have them at her side.


They aren’t simply dressed beautifully. They appear to be the type of ladies that would rally around their pals at any given time. What more could you want than friends who will always be there for you? This had to be the ideal photograph for the ideal wedding.


These bridesmaids are dressed in a beautiful peanut butter-colored gown. And what about those never-ending slits? Stunning! If there was a Bridesmaids Hall of Fame, this outfit would be in it. We can’t imagine how stylish these bridesmaids looked in this gown.


While fashion should be contemporary and occasionally outlandish, we feel it should also be comfortable. This outfit unquestionably checks all of these criteria. They must have been overawed by the garments’ attractiveness, judging from the expressions on their cheeks.

Tuxedos for Bridesmaids

With the ever-increasing fight for gender nonconformity, the picture below might soon become the new norm. It makes us wonder what the groomsmen must have on. Bridal dresses? That must have caused quite a ruckus, not to talk of been a strange sight.


Is it appropriate to make this the new standard? In the spirit of development and dissolving the borders between gender roles, we might just have to. We’re left to consider how far and how willing we are to go to close the gender gap. To be fair, these ladies look amazing!

The Church’s Blessing

Let’s take a break from the lovely blue gowns and offer you a history lesson. Surprisingly, marriages have been documented as far back as 2350 BC. Back in ancient Mesopotamia, this was the case. As travel and trade grew increasingly important, the narrative descends to Greek, Roman, and Hebrew marriages.


With how religious most weddings have become, it is a surprise that weddings started 2000 years before Christ. Well, according to history, weddings were devoid of any religious presence. But in the 8th century, the Roman Catholic declared that the blessing of the Church was required for a marriage to be considered legal.

Wedding Cake

This is most likely the result of the recent trend for strewn wedding cakes. To be honest, large cakes do give the impression of affluence and sophistication. They may now be found at almost all high-profile weddings.


The cake is around 4 feet tall and weighs approximately 50 pounds. Though the bride’s expression tells it all, we doubt she was pleased with the cake. However, we hope the flavor provided her with some satisfaction.

Love and Marriage

Marriage based only on love is a relatively new concept. Despite what “Romeo and Juliet” may have spread as a common notion. Marriage was formerly only for the purpose of providing for one’s family. However, some of them got fond of one other and acquired love and devotion along the road.


The French, according to scholars, “created” the notion of marriage based on passionate love. Sir Lancelot, according to legend, fell in love with Queen Guinevere. Other guys were motivated to choose a mate of their own as a result of this.

Romping Around

If you know how a romper is manufactured, you’ll probably appreciate the artistry that went into it. Here’s an amazing truth to help you comprehend. A onesie is another name for a romper. Yes, you’re thinking about that well-known baby outfit!


A romper is constructed from a single piece of clothing that may be dressed in any way you choose! This suit, like the dress, has no pockets. A pocket on a feminine garment, in our opinion, is superfluous. We discovered that more women choose to carry their pocketbook or clutch instead.

Taylor Swift

She appears to slay in real-time in addition to dazzling her admirers with her deep vocal cords. This peach sequined gown is everything we’ve ever wanted. Perfectly tailored and styled. And how about her hairstyle? Absolutely!


Taylor Swift is a musical talent, as an aside. According to legend, she mastered the ability to compose lyrics long before her peers. She secured a deal with Sony Publishing House at the age of 14, and at the age of 15, she had a record deal! All of this happened before she even had her driver’s license!

Ladies and Love

A lot of things altered once love entered the scene. People began to doubt the foundation upon which marriage was founded. Roles were redefined for the first time, and ladies had a lot to say. As a result, women began to exist not simply to serve men, but also to work in a nonpartisan pragmatic collaboration.


However, the concept that a man “owned” his wife was still generally recognized throughout the formation of America. To mark the uniting of two individuals, the wife usually drops her last name. Because the rule was so strict, a woman who married a foreigner forfeited her citizenship.

A Vote for Women

In 1920, women were granted the right to vote. After then, a lot of things changed. Suddenly, a family had two members with dual citizenship. Despite the fact that the spouse was still the household’s leader. After that, interracial marriage became allowed in 1960.


You might be surprised to learn that marital rape was not officially acknowledged until 1970. “The concept that marriage is a private connection for the fulfillment of two persons is very recent,” says historian Stephanie Coontz.


In the photo below, a bridesmaid feels envious of another bridesmaid. She looks to be directing her gaze to the bridesmaid on her left. It’s likely she has no idea it’s been recorded on video. Jealousy, you see, is deeply embedded in the human psyche.


It is most often the result of a person’s ego. We all know that ego is one of the driving reasons for growth. Is it true that jealousy is a negative emotion? We don’t believe so! People try to be the greatest versions of themselves for a variety of reasons, including envy.

Women Without Rights

Women have had minimal rights in many societies throughout history, which is unsurprising. The United States of America and Europe were among the first to recognize women’s rights. They put an end to outdated laws and ideas.


One of these harsh regulations was the right of a husband to physically punish his wife! In marriage, a wife develops her own identity. Many things have developed in the twenty-first century, yet there are still certain gaps. Women who indulge in premarital sex face harsh punishments in certain nations.

A Lack of Weddings

Nowadays, many couples opt for a location other than the altar for their wedding. Couples are increasingly opting to live with one other rather than marry. These two people, who are in a loving and sexual relationship, live together permanently or for a long time.


With contemporary societal perspectives, this choice has grown more appealing to a large number of couples. Especially when it comes to gender norms and religion. Another aspect is the exorbitant wedding costs! More and more couples are opting for a smaller gathering of guests rather than the traditional vast.

Country Wedding

You can tell these people value marriage by looking at this photo. Regardless of how they seem. They appear to come from a less formal or conventional family. The bride’s outfit matches the groom’s perfectly.


The best guy is known for his ‘spectacular’ footwear. The shoes are known as ‘Jerusalem cruisers.’ Surprisingly, it is based on a popular imitation of a shoe produced in Jerusalem. We’ve heard that Jesus also wore these shoes, which were popular at the period because of their adaptability and originality.

Bridesmaids in White

We’re stumped as to what may have influenced her decision to wear this outfit. Jealousy? Maybe. We’ve heard some wild stories of wedding guests doing strange things to draw attention to themselves. Sometimes even to attract the attention of the bride and groom!


The maid of honor disclosed her engagement in her speech to the bride in a recent article on the famous social media site “Reddit.” What did people on social media do? They followed her handle across all social media sites and mocked her posts. But it’s a little harsh.

All Sequins, All the Time

We would vote yes for a sequined bridesmaid dress if we had to vote. Though, in places where this is done, we would recommend that the bride’s gown be one in a million! And we all know how hard it is to outshine a sequined gown. So, best of luck to the bride.


The employment of bridesmaids has gone a long way from its humble beginnings. It dates back to the Roman Empire when a marriage needed at least ten witnesses to be legitimate. With the passage of time, this gradually evolved into the wedding guests and wedding parties that we presently have.

Famous People Marrying

The wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William in 2011 was one of the most well-attended events. It’s also one of the most costly weddings ever. The wedding cost around $34 million! The wedding was also broadcast throughout the world on television!


The meticulous planning that went into this wedding! What is the point of it all? Was there a breakdown of performance comparable to how athletic events are evaluated? “Wonderful execution!” exclaims the audience. ‘Be careful, her heels may grab the train!’ Blessed!

Walt Disney Weddings

Among other things, the Walt Disney Company is recognized for hosting fantasy weddings. They have staged over 30,000 weddings since their start in 1991. We’ve been told that guests will be able to pick the site for their wedding as well.


From the Disney parks in Florida, California, Hong Kong, Paris, and even the Disney Cruise Line, there is something for everyone. They also provide excellent services. We’ve heard you may order any type of cuisine to be served on your special day! From chicken breast nuggets to Mickey bars, there’s something for everyone!

Marriage Licenses

Even in this day of development, the obstacles couples must overcome to obtain their marriage license are astounding. Hollywood certainly does not do this justice. The whole thing is enough to give a couple a headache.

We heard one bizarre report of government clerks refusing to provide a few licenses to people with hyphenated last names. Seriously?
You’d think they’d turn down a position that didn’t align with their values. However, this is not the case!

Mistakes Were Made

It appears that this couples’ wedding will be less than ideal. So, what went wrong? It found out that two couples had made reservations for the same wedding location and time. A bagpipe was played in one of the processions, while a trumpet was played in the other.


The two parties eventually came to an agreement. This delay ended up costing the other party 20 minutes of their time. So the rituals began, and the bagpipes began to play as the officiant stated, “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re all assembled here today.” It completely drowned out the other party’s ceremony. Yikes!

Drunk Dad

We have a lot of wedding stories that make us cringe. In one of these tales, the groom’s father arrived intoxicated. He was not only inebriated, but he was also filthy and dressed in blue pants and a t-shirt. He then started harassing others.


He yelled at the groomsmen for getting dressed up. Why did they dress up, for example? He then drank excessive amounts of booze and became quite inebriated. In another scenario, the bride’s mother arrives at the wedding location with her booze. Even before the reception begins, she is inebriated. She, of course, causes quite a commotion.

Church Endeavors

We heard that when the Catholic church began to intervene in marriages, the situation became calmer. A large percentage of divorce cases were dismissed. Husbands began to treat their spouses well as well. There were also fewer quarrels, and spouses were more loyal.


The church, on the other hand, conveyed that husbands were the head of the home, which was a terrible message. They also said that wives should be humble and obedient to their husbands. This did not sit well with some people. However, they now preach that marriage should be viewed as a partnership.

Jennifer Garner

Hey! Jennifer Garner, isn’t she? Sorry, but who can concentrate on the bride when one of Hollywood’s most famous actresses is present?


Marriage is a subject in some of the most popular films. Over the years, it has been observed that a film about marriage is entertaining. Let’s see some brides now that we’ve seen some wonderful bridesmaids…

Pink Princess

“Choose pink to make the boys wink,” as this girl seemed to believe when it came to her wedding day. As she went on with her maxim and effectively making guys wink, she did not know she was already blinding the most important one in her wedding by having her huge dress cover the face of her husband. This bride snatched all the eyes as she achieved the princess look in her puffy pink dress.


She thought, however, that her gown was insufficient; she donned a diamond crown on her head and held a dazzling wand in her hand, which attracted attention. All of this combined meant that their notion of a horse and carriage was not the greatest.

Kitty’s Girl

Hello Kitty, in its small pink cat form, had won the hearts of countless fans ever since it was created. It was so widespread that its fan merchandise had covered a variety of items for sale, that it even has a themed wedding dress on the list. This bride is no ordinary fan. Having this cat cartoon character as a major part of her life, she wanted to make sure that it was part of her wedding, too.


Featuring Hello Kitty-designed balloons in the background is not enough. The traditional white gown itself was sporting the look of the feline, and even the bouquet is in pink to match the overall theme.

Something Blue

This bride wanted her “something new” to be a combination of “something blue,” but she may have gone a bit too far. In fact, she took her “something blue” to a whole new level by making her wedding gown the color of it. She was unsatisfied with the white dresses that surrounded her at the bridal shop.


She chose a cobalt blue gown with silver rhinestones and a matching veil that caught her attention right away. She had her “something blue” totally merged with her “something new” since she thought it was time to shake things up. Her veil, on the other hand, was not to be mistaken for “something stolen.”

Cut the Cake

Cakes were one of the most important aspects of any party, especially weddings. However, such may be a thing of the past, and they are frequently disregarded these days. This bride, on the other hand, does not believe so. In fact, she feels that the cake should be the event’s main attraction. She donned a white cake to illustrate her point in front of everyone.


This bride wore a white cake to her wedding to show that her gown was delicious enough to eat. And that’s exactly what she and her guests did: they ate her frock, which was shaped like a cake. She not only saved time and money, but she also ensured that her visitors were happy.

Create When Possible

Michelle’s wedding was not hampered by her hectic schedule as an art student. In reality, she directed her very active creative energies on her marriage. Michelle created her own wedding gown, bringing her vision of the ideal wedding gown to life. She chose street art as the topic for her final project and has decided to incorporate it into her gown as well.


Michelle incorporated the first letters of her name, “M,” and the initials of her soon-to-be husband, “H” for Harry, into the conventional white gown to create her own masterpiece.


This bride not only believed in patriotism, but she also wore and embodied it on her wedding day. Given how passionate she was about her love for the nation, her wedding might have easily been held on July 4th. This bride was the epitome of patriotism in her red, white, and blue wedding gown.


She radiated the light of a real American as she went down the aisle towards her fiancé. Her blue and red gown kept the customary white, but the color she picked for her bridesmaids was a different tale.

Pastry Bride

Weddings are primarily about love that is why most weddings’ theme revolves around love itself. This specific couple, however, wanted to show off how sweet their love is and went as far as to wear it on their selves. In hopes that it would bring them luck in their future of togetherness, this couple chose to go for the sweet treats.


Instead of wearing a typical white wedding gown, the bride wore a gown made of Rafaello chocolates to match the theme. The groom, on the other hand, wore a chef’s uniform but kept the white color scheme.

Curvature of a Bride

Most women are planning and preparing for more than just the wedding ceremony. Of course, ladies wanted to look nice in their gowns, and some went so far as to follow a rigorous diet and fitness regimen. While some brides prefer to emphasize their body form or concentrate solely on the dress’s design, others want to flaunt their gorgeous curves.


This bride, on the other hand, could have had something else in mind. It’s a fair bet that the blossoming flowers were this bride’s ultimate decision and that their marriages would be just as lovely. Due to the bride’s choice of gown, the audience’s attention will undoubtedly be drawn to her.

Mama June Again

Mama June was well-known as a television personality for never doing things by the book. Her way of life is no different, whether it’s because of her wedding to Sugar Bear or her fashion choices. That’s why, as unusual as it was, her head-to-toe camouflage outfit with orange accents didn’t come as much of a surprise.


Her future husband-to-be was not immune to her desires, since his attire was identical to hers. Her kid was dressed in vivid orange and bright pink ruffled outfits to match the theme. While Mama June was remarkable in her own right, Honey Boo Boo, who acted as the flower girl, was difficult to overlook.

Feathery Bride

Feather boas are frequently used as a fashion statement, most notably at cabaret shows. However, one bride defied convention and wore feather boas throughout her bridal gown. While the design of her gown is one thing, her color and accessory choices are quite another.


Her white and red dress, black and white gloves, and red feather boas were topped off with a feathered umbrella. The actual rationale for her selections may be as hazy as they come, but what counts most is how pleased the bride appears.

A Pirate’s Life for Us

This couple was so taken with the pirate lifestyle that they decided to make it the theme of their wedding. The bride, dressed in a corset gown, a sideways hat, and black and gold boots, had all eyes on her. Her boyfriend was undeterred, and he created his own suit with a sword, a cloak, and boots to finish the look. It appears that a beach wedding will not be suitable for them.


Instead of usual wine, rum was provided throughout the occasion. The theme isn’t only for the eyes, though. It was in full swing as the bride completed her vows to her wedded spouse with the words “Ahoy, Captain!”

Skeleton Wedding

Matrimony is not just the state of being married; it is a time for celebrating the official union between two people of significance to each other and to cherish their magical moment together with their friends and family. Just as any bride hopes to have one wedding for the rest of their lives, this particular bride went all out.


This woman was serious about having a “once in a lifetime” wedding. Her idea for bringing this notion to life is to dress up in a gown constructed of disposable spoons, plates, and cups, all of which have the same one-time-use approach. She believed it was a fantastic depiction of her wedding day, and her fiance was equally enthusiastic about the concept.

Fairytale Wedding

Weddings are frequently viewed by brides-to-be as fairytales waiting to happen; the prospect of marrying their knights in shining armor and having that fairytale ending with a happily ever after naturally follows. And then there was this one bride who not only dreamed of it all but also made it a reality.


Her traditional white robe was embellished with wings. Her spouse, on the other hand, was dressed in a cloak, as though Prince Charming was about to sweep her off her feet. Their wedding outfit alone demonstrates that they are a perfect match.

Massive Train

This isn’t for a shampoo commercial; it’s for the next bride’s train, which six bridesmaids won’t be able to assist her with, as seen by the photo. As this bride thinks, “go big or go home,” she aspired for the longest train to complement her extravagant bridal gown.


Princess Diana was known for having a royally long bridal train, but this woman really went the extra mile with hers. They not only covered a greater distance, but they also had more guests attend their wedding.

Rainbow Wedding

Rainbow is the color of love, at least according to this pair. This pair could have just finished re-watching Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and thought it was a fantastic idea. In any case, they utterly ignored the ever-present practice of wearing white to weddings.


These two opted for black and vivid hues for their wedding outfit, giving Joseph a run for his money. Theirs may not be the first option on everyone’s list, but if it works just as well for them, no one could ever complain and destroy it for them.

Cupcake Dress

With the fall in popularity of wedding cakes comes the rise of the cupcake fad. And this bride not only liked the fad, but she went beyond with it. She knew and expected that everyone would want to take a picture with her, so she devised a brilliant plan.


After coming and getting their shot, this bride wanted to offer each and every one of them a cupcake. This could also stand as a metaphor for the sweet union that she just shared and will keep on sharing with her new husband. Not wanting to go against the white theme, she had them topped with white frosting.

Shrek IRL

Shrek and Fiona’s genuine love tale is as amazing as it gets. Their love inspired many others, including one couple, who lived in Far Far Away with their own fairytale fantasy. They’ll never forget Shrek and Fiona’s narrative and how it inspired them to live out their own fantasy.


Fiona attempted to conceal her ogre appearance throughout the film. However, as she married her very own Shrek, this bride happily donned her face paint and attire. Given their general appearance and the location in which they are standing, it’s no surprise that the film franchise was the theme of their wedding.

Fan Favorite

If there are criteria and prizes for different types of admirers, this bride may have won them all. Karen Bell has just been shown to be one of, if not the top, soccer fanatics who live, eat, breathe, and repeat their individual soccer clubs. She did not forget to demonstrate her undying passion for Manchester City FC even on her wedding day.


Her soccer fanaticism was evident not just in her wedding gown, but also in the blue and white motif, soccer memorabilia throughout the room, and soccer player names as table labels. She described it as a labor of love because “we wanted to do something new because we had both been married previously.”

Step Lightly

On her wedding day, a woman already has a lot on her mind, and she hopes that everything goes flawlessly and easily. Even with all of her assistance, there may still be events beyond their control. This bride had waited her entire life for this day, and she had made all of her arrangements in advance; there was no room for error.


She was able to have her hair and make-up done and arrive at the chapel without incident. She did not, however, make it to the altar as smoothly as she had hoped. For whatever reason, this man spoiled it all by stepping on the bride’s dress as he walked down the aisle.

Funky Dresses

The bride went all out for her second wedding, according to the philosophy of “the quirkier, the better.” She may have followed every wedding tradition in her previous marriage, but now that she had a second shot, she wanted to do things her way. The bride opted for gold instead of the customary white for her curtain-like gown.


Her bridesmaids’ dresses did not fall too far from the tree. There was no particular given color, but it seems like they did not leave a single color from the rainbow behind. This bride wanted to go all out on her wedding, and so she did.

Quarter Million Wedding Dress

This woman had no intention of having a simple wedding. She even went so far as to spend $235,000 on her wedding attire. When Evka and Lukas married, they were both 19 years old. Their wedding film went viral once the bride’s lavish gown was revealed to the public.
Everyone was taken aback when they learned that the juvenile bride was wearing a $235,000 gown for the event, despite her young age.


Evka and Lucas arrived hand in hand during the wedding, counting the money thrown at them by their guests. If they made more money than most people do on a daily basis, it wouldn’t be as shocking as the cost of her wedding gown.

Twilight Feud

Every wedding binds a woman to a husband, but this wedding was unique in that the bride has three suitors. She may be heading down the aisle to her husband, but her gown features two other men: Edward and Jacob, the main protagonists in the Twilight film trilogy.


True, a wedding day is a moment to demonstrate a person’s love for their significant other, to show a desire to spend the rest of their lives with them, and to declare that there is no other guy to love but the one in front of you. While this bride is doing the same thing, she is carrying the baggage of characters she fantasizes about with her.