IKEA Hackers

If you have been a bride, then you may be able to relate to the annoyance of holding up your big, long (and gorgeous) gown while using the bathroom. If your dress has a long train, there seems to be no easy way to work around the material.

Luckily, one recent bride invented a creative hack that made her life a little easier on her wedding day. What’s the key? An IKEA bag, of course!

How It Works

The bride used a blue IKEA FRAKTA bag for this creative hack. The only other tool required is some scissors!

First, fold the bag and then cut a hole in the middle of the bag. It’s best to cut a small hole and keep enlarging it to fit your body. The bag must tightly fit your body. Then, step inside the bag, pull it up around your hips and hook the large handles around your shoulders, like you’re wearing a purse.

Using It On Your Big Day

Your big day has arrived and you’re having fun at your reception, but you have to go to the bathroom. Don’t worry; your IKEA bag will help!

Step inside the bag, with your feet in the hole, and take the train of your dress and place all of it in the bag. Your dress is secure, and you don’t need anyone to assist you as you quickly use the bathroom to return to your reception for more fun.

Other Useful Hacks

While this hack is creative and useful, it’s not the only option for brides on their wedding day.

Some brides take off their wedding dress before using the bathroom and then put it back on to join the reception. Others face the toilet backward, so the back of their dress isn’t touching the toilet and they can easily hold the front of their gown. Another bride created a similar hack to the IKEA trick, except using a 38-gallon trash bag.

Choose the most efficient option so you don’t spend too much time in the bathroom. It’s your wedding day. Enjoy the party!