From carrying bags to cleaning laundry, some guys will do just about anything for their girlfriends. But having photographic proof always makes for that amazing Instagram moment—even if you need an extra hand to take it. These photos show just how far these boyfriends were willing to go to help out.

On The Road Again

When it comes to props, a simple car can make a photo come alive. A slew of them can really enhance the image. This lady discovered the holy grail on this small side street of New York City. Luckily for her, she took this photo when the traffic was slow.

No Love For The Pope

Vatican City is one of the most glamorous cities to visit in Europe. Aside from witnessing its artwork, people flock to catch a glimpse of the Pope. Every Sunday, thousands come to see him deliver Mass at Saint Peter’s Square. Unfortunately, this boyfriend couldn’t concentrate on the Pope’s speech that day.

Wild In The Streets

A simple street corner has been the setting for many iconic photographs. This photographer nearly put his life on the line for his lady. There’s no doubt that the finished photo probably came out divine. Getting that photo, however, looked very awkward to those walking past them in the street.

Everybody’s Doing it

During the summer, the beach is a common spot for professional and amateur photography. This image showcases just how common it is for people enamored with social media. “I was taking a photo of my girlfriend in the sea, then realized so was every other Instagram boyfriend,” Lewy-G said.

Flash To The Rescue

Finding a visually appealing building for a photo can be a challenge. This lady didn’t want to take a picture in front of the establishment but opted to strike a pose on the ledge for a more intriguing image. Her boyfriend even decided to ditch his phone for a more professional camera.