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There’s nothing worse than experiencing a mid-day slump during the workday. You find yourself losing steam and reaching for yet another cup of coffee, but no caffeine in the world can get you to focus on the day’s tasks.

The solution to your lack of ambition, creativity, or drive may be found shining above you. Your office lights could be dimming your ability to work effectively — and there’s a simple way to fix that.

How You Set Up Your Workspace Is Crucial

It’s important to be comfortable and confident when it comes to your desk or your home office.

Maybe you have a few houseplants scattered throughout the room or a scented candle does the trick—but what about the lighting? It turns out a burnout at work can be caused by the color of your office lights.

Color has a lot to do with how the world functions. Animals hide from predators using color, plants use it to absorb sunlight, and human beings even depend on color to signify holidays, events, and feelings.

A color choice is sort of a big deal. Especially when it comes to the place where you need your head in the game.

Color Isn’t A Concept To Be Taken Lightly

Utilizing different colored lights within the workplace can be a huge advantage when it comes to getting stuff done.

Lights with a green or blue hue can improve your focus and just put you at ease, while warmer colors such as red can emphasize passion, or even cause you to feel alarmed. However, you should opt for a yellow hue if you want to help keep your energy going throughout the day.

Technology Has Made Color-Coded Lighting Possible

The rise of smart technology has completely changed the game for office aesthetics.

All you need to do is install an app to change the hue or color of your lights entirely—which can dramatically affect how motivated and inspired employees can feel on a daily basis.

The utilization of different colored lights in the workplace is definitely a good business investment. You can’t buy productivity—but colored-coded enthusiasm comes pretty close.