Body Products

Trophy Skin

The human body works in mysterious ways. It’s doing fantastic one day and has extreme issues the next. Some of those issues can be a little gross, but when it comes to fixing them, we just stand in front of the shelf with blank stares. Let’s look at some peculiar products that will actually do wonders for our health.

Whistling In My Earwax

Too much earwax can lead to hearing problems and sometimes dizzy spells. If not treated quickly, it can even be life-threatening. Those trying to avoid a trip to the doctor’s office should have an earwax remover on hand. In under 30 minutes, you’ll be able to hear much more clearly.

The Nose Knows

Neti pots are a great way to ease your sinus problems. It might look awkward to some, but using it three times a week can completely alleviate your sinus blockage. On rare occasions, some people can suffer from nosebleeds while using this product. These pots can be purchased for cheap at your local drug store.

Smooth As Butter

Tired of having blackheads all over your face? A facial skin scrubber from Elera can help deliver astonishing results. You can also use this device to get rid of dead skin on your chest. Best of all, if you’re out of outlets to charge it, you can power it up through your computer or cell phone charger.

I Am Not My Hair

Back hair can be an unpleasant sight at the beach. If you’re not trying to spend hundreds on laser hair removal, Bakblade has you covered. This back hair remover can be used right out of the shower. If you’re in need of additional blades, they’re on sale at an affordable price.

Talking In Tongues

It’s no secret that most people out there don’t take care of their tongues. Bacteria and undigested food particles tend to live on our tongues even after we brush our teeth. While it might feel weird, tongue cleaners and scrapers can help take care of the situation in a matter of seconds.