We all know the pain of dealing with our bodies when they’re sick and symptomatic. But did you know your body and brain send you just as many signals of your well-being when you’re healthy? These are five signs from your body and brain that you’re in excellent health!

You Feel Energized Throughout The Day

Are you that annoying morning person in your office? Well, that’s a great thing for you. People who feel sluggish and unenergized throughout the day may be suffering from a vitamin deficiency, a mental health condition, or another illness. Feeling energized is a great indicator that you’re well-nourished and healthy! It also means that you’re likely getting plenty of deep sleep, which is essential for mental and physical health.

Your Skin Is Glowing

This doesn’t just go for a lack of acne. Skin that appears plump and soft indicates that you are well-hydrated and nourished. On the other hand, dry, saggy skin is a symptom of not having enough fluids or nutrients in your system, which can lead to illness. People who tend to have a healthier diet are both in better health and look younger! Win-win!

You Have A Healthy Amount Of Fat

While the BMI (Body Mass Index) system has been all but discredited entirely, stomach fat can serve as a fairly accurate measure of health. Those with more fat on their abdomens tend to have decreased metabolic functioning, higher blood sugar levels and struggle with emotional instability. If you’ve got a slim amount of fat on your waist, you likely have a good metabolism and healthy blood sugar levels.

Meals Leave You Satisfied

If you aren’t compelled to go back for seconds or thirds after a yummy meal, it’s a good sign. This means you have a healthy relationship with food, and in turn, with your metabolism and hunger cues. Those who restrict or subject their bodies to strict diets are more likely to feel depressed, unsatisfied, and are more prone to physical illnesses. Enjoying fullness after a meal means you’re in tune with your body and brain regarding your diet.

You Have Thick, Luscious Hair

Our hair is acutely connected to the health of our skin, our protein levels, our nutritional health, and more. When you’re malnourished, aren’t getting enough protein, or are in bad health in general, your hair may become brittle, thin, and even fall out in clumps. But if you’ve got thick locks, you’re likely in good physical health!