A Conscious Rethink

Ahh, l’amour! As people, we love falling in love, and why wouldn’t we? It makes us feel good! The air is fresher, the grass is greener, and everything is wonderful.

But those changes aren’t just in our heads and hearts; turns out, there are some weird things that happen to our bodies when we fall in love. Here are the top 5…

Your Voice Changes

U.S. researchers found both men and women’s tone changes when they fall in love. When talking to romantic partners on the phone, men use a higher tone, and women use a lower tone. The study concluded the reason for the change is so they can match closer to one another to avoid rejection.

Next time you hear someone on the phone, it should be easy to figure out who they’re talking to by the tone of their voice!

Sudden Insomnia

When you fall in love, your brain releases various chemicals through your body, giving you an exhilarated feeling. This hypomanic-like condition makes it more difficult to sleep, according to a Swiss study. We are distracted by thoughts of our new loved one, and that, combined with the chemical releases, keeps us awake.

Fortunately, those in love report they don’t feel tired from the lack of sleep. In fact, they feel energized!

Tastes Are Sweeter

Dutch researcher, Kai Qin Chan, conducted a study in which he asked a group of people to write about love or jealousy. Once they finished writing, they were asked to taste specifically chosen candy and some water. Those who wrote about love reported the candy and the water tasting sweeter. Proof that love is sweet and may explain why some might call their loved ones “honey!”

You Do Embarrassing Things

From serenading your loved one under their window sill to dancing with flash mobs, when you’re falling in love, you’ll do just about anything to make the other person happy. You’ll step way out your comfort zone and do things you may have found embarrassing before.

Why? You do it to impress the other person because all that matters when you’re falling in love is the other person’s happiness.

You Go Blind

You’ve heard love is blind, but what does that mean? It means you don’t see faults in the other person, even though they may be glaring to other people. If you do see faults, you’re quick to bypass them and forgive because the chemicals in your brain put you in an excited zen state.

You’re not technically blind, but falling in love may blind your judgment.