Just Run Lah

It doesn’t matter what your social or financial status is in life. When it comes to personal hygiene, certain things make us cringe. Fortunately, there’s a bright side to all of these grosser aspects of life. Let’s look at the benefits of some less than perfect things our body does daily.

Safe In My Skin

Shedding skin isn’t just for snakes. Humans shed 1.6 pounds of skin per year, which equates to 112 pounds total by the age of 70. Each day, we lose somewhere between 30,000 and 40,000 dead skin cells. The American Chemical Society discovered that the skin oils on shed skin can help reduce indoor air pollution by removing ozone.

The Greatest Ears In Town

If you’ve had a hard time hearing lately, it might be a buildup of earwax. Often seen as a nuisance, earwax has its benefits. It can protect your ears from any unwanted dust or bugs landing in your ear, and it protects your body from any bacteria in the air.

Life’s A Gas

Passing gas is one thing that many people fear doing in public. But farting helps reduce bloating and makes your gut feel much better. Don’t try holding it in on the elevator, though. Holding it in continuously can lead to diverticulitis or inflammation of small pouches in your digestive system. This condition can cause some harsh changes in your bowel system.

Break A Sweat

Whether you’re in the gym or outside on a summer day, you’re bound to sweat. While you might dislike how it makes your shirt damp, there are positives to be seen. Sweating lowers the risk of developing kidney stones, prevents illnesses from occurring, and increases your endorphin hormones.

Sight For Sore Eyes

Whether you call it eye goop or sleepy dust, waking up to crust in your eyes isn’t a delightful feeling. Fortunately, this nasty gunk helps protect your eyes from possible blindness. This is a collection of various things you don’t want in your eye, including mucus and skin cells.