Healthy Way

As embarrassing and weird as some of our bodily functions are, they all happen for a reason. Without them, we’d likely get sick much more often. These five hairy, smelly, wet, downright gross things the body does are actually signs of good health rather than the other way around.

That Sweet Sweat

We need to sweat to keep our bodies from overheating and to keep our blood circulating at a healthy rate. Also, sweat is the body’s best way to detox. Sweating is nature’s way of eliminating our bodily toxins. If they build up, they can cause blemishes on our skin.

Don’t Hold In Your Toots

Your gut health is in many ways dependent on passing gas, despite it being considered rude to let one loose. Gas is a result of the bacterial activity in your intestines. Most instances of flatulence happen as a natural bodily process, indicating good health. However, if it is accompanied by health problems, like diarrhea, you may need to see a doctor.

Moisture From Down Under

This is for the ladies. The secretion of vaginal fluids occurs at all times, and that’s a sign that we’re healthy. Plus, in terms of sexual health, those fluids come in handy, acting as natural lubricants. For those trying to get pregnant, vaginal fluids help the sperm get where they need to go.

Our Pets Aren’t The Only Ones Who Shed

Most people don’t realize that humans are constantly shedding. Each night, we shed off about 40,000 old skin cells. Each month, our old skin is completely replaced by new skin. While this may come as a shock and seem kind of gross, this is what keeps our skin vibrant and healthy.

Leave Those Nose Hairs Alone

Your nose hair prevents unwanted elements like allergens and bacteria from entering your body. When you inhale, they are stopped by the hair and remain there to turn into boogers. It’s gross but necessary. Trimming nose hairs is fine, but plucking or waxing them off can endanger your body by letting these invaders in.