That’s so Fashionating

When it comes to clothes, black is eternal. For decades, the color has always been a major blueprint for fashion. Everyone knows that the color is known for making people look slim. The true reason why is completely astounding.

Black Number One

Black seems to be slimming because of irradiation illusion, which was discovered by physicist Galileo Galilei. This illusion makes it seem that the white box is much larger than the black box.

When it came to understanding this, Galilei was a bit puzzled. “Either because their light is refracted in the moisture that covers the pupil, or because it is reflected from the edges of the eyelids and these reflected rays are diffused over the pupil, or for some other reason,” he said in his studies.

Everything’s So Blurry

When it came to discovering more about this illusion, New York’s College of Optometry conducted several tests in 2014. With the help of rodents and humans, they tracked the movement of neurons at their laboratory. “Every time we think about blur in an image, we usually think about optics, but what we’re seeing is, there is another component — the neurons themselves,” Dr. Jose-Manuel Alonso told LiveScience.

During their experiments, they had subjects look at white items in front of black backgrounds and vice versa. The end result was that neurons acted irrationally when light objects when shown on black backgrounds.

Science At The Runway

Well, what exactly does this means? It means that dark objects have a bit more visual appeal in the light. This discovery also states that this could lead to some issues with blurriness found in childbirth. “We now think ‘neuronal blur’ could be an important part of this story,” Alonso said.

Will fashion designers talk about this casually at fashion shows? Probably not. For scientists, however, this can lead to some more discoveries down the line.